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Why Liverpool can't afford to lose Coutinho

In modern football, a world-class catalyst midfielder is very difficult to find.At times a football match can be frustrating for an opponent, whereby there is a need for a specialist to unlock defence by creating chance from nothing or scoring goals from nowhere which are classy in its own nature.

Coutinho is a player built to create chances and score goals. A typical number ten,however; he was played left-wing through out last season. Despite being played out of position,he was Liverpool's top scorer(scoring 14 goals in all competition).Coutinho's silky skill combine with vision,shot power outside the box is detrimental to defences. His seven assists also show he can create chances from nothing.Liverpool played without a striker last season,whereby another Coutinho's compatriot,Firmino(play out of position) leads the forward line,in order to accommodate Lallana,and Mane to overcome the injury-prone Sturridge's .They were a threat to their rivals,scoring goals for fun,which was not a surprise when they end up in fourth place. The arrival of Salah from Roma will give Liverpool a second thought on why they must not sell Coutinho. Salah is a winger who can play on both left and right wing.This will free Coutinho to play in his preferred position as a midfielder. He will likely play in a position where he will play is best football.The tempo will be fast,and there will be smooth flowing of the fluid in possession.It will be more enticing if Liverpool buy a world-class in the mold of Aubemeyang. Mane and Salah pace with Coutinho silky skill and visionclinical finishing.This will be a match play in paradise.

However selling instead of strengthening would again be the sending the message "we sell our best players!" much like the sale of Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling did. Under Klopp things were supposed to be different with the German tactician acting as enough of a deterrent from preventing Anfield's finest seeking pastures anew. Despite the drama we do believe Coutinho will remain at Liverpool. But they simple cannot afford to let him go.

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