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Why Lukaku alone could be enough to turn United into title challengers

Lukaku – How Will He Impact Manchester United?

Manchester United finished the 16/17 season in successful style, winning the UEFA Europa League. This means that next season we will be seeing United back where they belong in the UEFA Champions League. This is not the only Trophy that Manchester United walked away with this season. They managed to capture an extra two trophies: The Community Shield and EFL Cup. In most fans eyes this is a successful season, they wanted Champions League football back at Old Trafford and that's exactly what Jose Mourinho and his men have accomplished. However, there is still a long way to go for Manchester United. In the Premier League, it wasn't so great for them. Unfortunately, United finished in 6th place which is not good enough for many other fans. Mourinho mentioned that he wanted to make multiple signings to strengthen his squad going into the new season for the Premier League. In this article, I am going to focus on one of these signings, Romelu Lukaku. Ibrahimović's contract was not renewed after his injury leaving the number 9 spot open needing someone new. Even though it's rumoured that he will return, it won’t be in time for the start of the new season. Lukaku has now signed for United and will take the number 9 shirt from Ibrahimović. Now, this leaves interesting questions: How will Lukaku impact Manchester United? Will he help United to get back into contending for the title this season?

Romelu Lukaku signed for Manchester United in a £75 Million deal from Everton. This is a HUGE price tag for the young striker. He was the second highest scorer in the 16/17 Premier League season with 25 goals overall (Harry Kane top the list with 29). A huge note to take from this is that he was playing for Everton which shows his skill because Everton are not known to have the best players. Imagine what Lukaku could do with a pass from Paul Pogba! Lukaku also made it in the top 4 scorers in the 15/16 season with Everton. This shows how with each season he is scoring more and more in the Premier League. This suggests that he is a proven Premier League goal scorer which is exactly what Manchester United need to challenge for the top spot this year and, retain Champions League football at Old Trafford.

The reason having an impressive, proven Premier League striker will help Manchester United in this upcoming season is simple. United went on a pretty impressive 25 game unbeaten streak last season however this included way too many draws. These draws were taking place against teams such as Bournemouth and Swansea City. These are teams that Manchester United should beat. United performed well during these matches, creating plenty of chances. However, the issue is that no one was finishing these chances. Imagine the points that Manchester United could have had if they didn't have so many draws. They could have picked up an extra 45 points which would have brought their total up to 114 points. As you can see, the many draws this season have really cost United during the season. The solution to this problem? Lukaku. He could put the chances created away.

Now, you will see a lot of rival fans say that 'Lukaku has a bad first touch.' Firstly, he's still young. He has time to develop and work on this and I'm sure he will. Mourinho has faith in him and, in Mourinho we trust... Right? Secondly, does it really matter? if his second touch hits the back of the net then I would say it doesn’t.

On a side note, I do realize that it is not guaranteed that Lukaku will always be there to convert these chances. Not every chance will be converted. I'm simply stating facts and showing what potential Mourinho and his men will have this season. Lukaku will surely have a goal scoring impact on United and I feel he will solve their goal shortage problem.

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