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Ivan Perisic Update/How it will affect Martial

Manchester United refuse to give up on their pursuit of Ivan Perisic. The latest information coming in regarding the Perisic situation is that Manchester United have submitted a 53 Million Euro bid for the Inter Milan winger.

Many people are wondering the affect Perisic will have on the future of a certain Anthony Martial. If Perisic does sign this in no way is an ominous sign for Anthony Martial. With people, quick to point out Perisic’s age they must also take into account Martial’s age. Martial is one for the long term for Mourinho. With the idea being that an experienced left winger to assist Lukaku will take the burden of Martial and allow him to perform with more freedom and develop at his own pace. With Perisic likely only having 2/3 years left at the top level which by then Martial will only be 23/24 with the prime of his career ahead of him. Perisic would provide much needed restbite for the young French forward with the expectations of him being through the roof.

Although Inter Milan are reluctant to sell Perisic, through their own admission they must consider the ‘player’s will’. Which is to move to Manchester United. This particular saga is by no means over. It remains to be seen whether United can get this one over the line, it would represent the 4th on the infamous list of four Mourinho has constantly made reference to. With there still being a month to go in the transfer window the Perisic saga is one to keep your eyes on.

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