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Aston Villa 1-1 Hull City REPORT

Aston Villa vs Hull City

Aston Villa XI: Johnstone, Hutton, Chester, Terry (C) Taylor, Bacuna, Whelan, Lansbury, Elmohamdy, Hogan, Agbonlahor. 4-3-3 Formation.

Hull City XI: Mcgregor, Aina, Dawson (C), Hector, Clark, Bowen, Henriksen, Clucas, Grosicki, Campbell, Hernandez. 4-4-2 Formation.

The EFL season is finally here. The two teams facing each other today on the 5:30PM kick off is, Aston Villa and they are against recently relegated Hull City.

This match today have plenty of new faces more their respective teams. John Terry will start his EFL debut for Aston Villa as the new captain of the club. Also seeing them play against their former club is Elmohamdy now playing for Aston Villa. Can Hull City get the perfect response and bounce back to the Premier League at the first time of asking. Aston Villa will come into this game with some new additions added by the Villa manager and they will have their eyes on returning back to the top flight of England football. Steve Bruce Will be hoping he can get Villa promoted this time round.

The match will get underway by the away side. Hull City take control of the game in the early minutes. Nice passing around at the back and keeping possesion well by the away side.

Aston Villa play one simple ball over the top and Henri Lansbury latches onto the ball and gets behind Hull City’s defensive line and at the most vital time he scuffs his lines, very good play by the home side. Hull City have a free kick but it comes to nothing, Even with John Terry at the heart of Villa defence they look very shaky at the early stages of this game. Great pass by Henri Lansbury through to Agbonlahor running towards the City keeper but he just can’t sort his feet out and his shot is straight at Hull’s Keeper, Mcgregor. Former Hull city player Elmohamdy passes through to Alan Hutton on the right side he runs down the wing and delivers a perfect ball in the area and Lnasbury misses the ball and straight to Agbonlahor who has a tap in making it 1-0 to the home side, very good player by Alan Hutton and Elmohamdy on the right wing.

Seven minutes have passed now, Villa didn’t have the best of starts but they now seem to have setteled in the game and now are controlling things. When Villa’s back line have the ball they just hoof it up the pitch. Hull City are coming strong at Villa, Grosicki whips a ball in and it’s a weak header by Bowen and the ball is caught by Manchester United loanee Sam Johnstone. Hull City seem to be getting into the game alot more now. A poor back pass by Hector gives Aston Villa a corner. John Terry and Chester come up for the corner, Neil Taylor takes the corner and whips it in straight to the feet of Hogan and he just can’t get enough power behind the ball and it straight in the arms of Hull’s keeper, Mcgregor.

Hull City are making too many mistakes and gifting the ball straight to the Aston Villa players, Hull city can’t seem to keep ball possesion for very long. Dawson’s long ball to Grosicki is a good one nd he turns straight into James Chester and Aston Villa clears the ball, throw in for Hull City. (16th minute) First yellow card of the game goes to the home side and the unfortunate player is Henri Lansbury.

This game is very unpredictable. Villa seem to be controlling the game more and have had more attempts with their chances but Hull City are now looking comfortable with ball possesion and their weakness is in the final third as there’s no real attempt to challenge Sam Johnstone in the Villa goal. Hull city come close with Grosicki trying to bend his shot but in the hands of Sam Johnstone. A stop in play here (21st minute) due to Agbonlahor is down and needing treatment also the referee has come back and booked Debutant Glenn Whelan for an earlier foul. Play continues, Hull city give the ball back to the Villa Keeper, Sam Jonhstone (23rd minute).

Lansbury is fouled by Hull captain, Michael Dawson. This Free Kick is in a wonderful position but Hull clear their lines, throw in to hull in their own half. Still nothing here for Hull to get stuck into they are very prone and don’t seem to be creating many chances. Dawson loses the ball to Hogan and he goes on a very good run takes on about three Hull defenders but can’t get the ball out of his feet. Hull city’s fist corner of the game and it comes to nothing as on the far side the offside flag is up.

Bacuna and Agbonlahor seem to be controlling that right hand side of the pitch with good passes and creating chances and Villa make the opportunity with Elmohamdy with the ball and Lansbury shoots straight at Mcgregor, Aston Villa now mean Business they are looking very promising. Good ball by Elmohamdy, Scott Hogan gets the first touch but Dawson kicks the ball out for a Villa corner. Hull city are yet to make a real intention in this game, it’s all Villa.

Half time is 10 minutes away and Hull City haven’t done anything to threaten the Villa goal for the past 20 minutes. Bacuna loses the ball to Hernandez and Hull come on the attack with Clucas and passes the ball back to Michael Dawson in defence, Hull city fans booing to the way their team are playing with John Terry in the defence are making Aston Villa a force to be wreckened with. Agbonlahor goes down in the penalty area and the referee says no penalty.

Aston Villa have completley controlled this game and it’s surprising that the home side aren’t winning by about three or four. Hull City have their first shot for the first time in about ten minutes with Hernandez smashing the ball leaving the Villa keeper rooted. Hull City come on the counter attack after a slip by Villa’s Elmohamdy, Grosicki passes through to Campbell and he smashes it at Jonhstone and the ball rebounds of the Villa keeper into the feet of Grosicki and he kicks it straight at Johnstone and Villa finally clear the ball away. +2 minutes stoppage time.

The home side gets the second half underway. Bowen hits the ball and is hit straight at the Villa captain John Terry. Bowen with a good ball to Hernandez with a one two with Campball and John Terry seems to be clearing everything that comes into that area, Hull City are coming at Villa now and it’s a very good respone from the away side. Aina gives the ball away to Hogan and Villa come forward with it, three on three and City defend it well and now Aston Villa come on the counter. Lansbury stays down due to a collision with Heriksen who came thundering in, Lansbury is getting treatment from the Villa medical staff and Herni Lansbury gets applauded and he’s back up on his feet. (50th minute)

Gabriel Agbonlahor has had a very good game, he seems to be chasing alot of the loose balls and he’s always wanting the ball to create for the home side it’s very promising to see a player in this kind of form. Campbell to Aina on the right wing and Bowen gets involved with the play and Dawson enters the fray the ball is lofted by Dawson. Hutton and Johnstone lose their communication and Johstone scrambles to get the ball and recovers it. This half Hull City seem to be getting more into the game after an hour of playing, something the Hull manager said to them at half time must play a part in how they have came out this half.

Hull city’s Clark gives away a very silly free kick, the big boys are up for this free kick and is taken by Lansbury and Aina clears his line and gives Aston villa a corner kick which comes to nothing.

Grosicki’s great ball in leads to a Hull City goal (62 minutes) and it’s scored by Jake Bowen with a very cool finish from 6 yards out that have Hull City leveled and are back on level terms, it’s all to play for 1-1, Hull City look more hungry for the win than Villa do in this second half, great football from the away side. Grosicki seems to be controlling the attack for the away side a very good run and good pass to Hernandez who shoots straight at Chester and John Terry clears it and Glenn Whelan makes a very risky tackle knowing he’s on a yellow card referee just gives the free kick.

Agbonlahor attacking well and does all jobs as he get’s back to help defend. Hull city now come on the attack with a ball in from the right hand side by Grosicki and is cleared with a diving header by James Chester. Hull city keep coming at Aston Villa. First substitute of the game comes for the away side that sees a defensive change as Frazer Campbell comes off and coming on is the Irish international David Meyler. also a change for the home side as Leonardo Bacuna is replaced by Andre Green. (70th minute)

Andre Green’s first involvement is winning Aston Villa a free kick in a very promising position, Lansbury delivers the ball and it is defended well by the away side. Andre Green misses an absolue sitter from a perfect ball in from Henri Lansbury. The game has been pretty dull from both teams just back and fourth no actuall chances for either club. Steve Bruce sends Christopher Samba on as a striker only to suggest to try and take advantage of his height, less than 2 minutes to play and the home side are on the attack but it comes to nothing. Mcgregor clears the ball and the referee blows the whistle. FT: Aston Villa 1-1 Hull City. Points shared. Attendance: 31,241

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