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Arsenal FC season preview 2017/18 Q&A

We sat down with @ArsenalNexus to preview the season ahead for the Gunners!

Q. Hi Dean. What are your expectations for Arsenal this season then?

A. Hey, well in all honesty I think the expectations of fans of clubs like Arsenal would ultimately be Premier League Champions and for the first time in a while, a European final at minimum! Realistic? Perhaps not to some but that's what I'm going with.

Q. Interesting point! So as a follow up what would you deem a successful season for Arsenal? Or at the very least an acceptable season?

A. We've done the FA Cup for the third time in four years this last season and the highest we've had in a while is second. An acceptable season I don't think can be considered unless it's Champs this time around and minimal runners up in Europa.

Q. So very much a case of champions or nothing this season for Arsenal?

A. I think so and to be honest I think that's the expectation Arsenal fans have going into every season.

Q. Understood! There was a lot of talk regarding Arsené Wenger's future last season. Where do you stand on the issue? Is he still the right man to lead the club forward?

A. I defended Wenger tooth and nail every year until this season just gone. I didn't turn to abuse or vitriol like many, but honestly I believed he was going to do the right thing by the club & step aside. He hasn't and whilst he's still our Manager I will support him.

Q. That's absolutely fair. What do you think of the work done in the transfer market then? After a 5th place finish for Arsenal do you think there's been enough done this summer to make them title challengers? If not, what/who else do they need?

A. Well we've definitely turned a corner in our approach that's for sure and while we've only brought two players in so far, some may say that's two more than usual at this stage of the summer for us. And to get players like "The Bosnian Hulk" Sead Kolasinac, the Bundesliga's best LB/LWB on a free and one of France's top Strikers, Alexandre Lacazette with no UCL in my opinion is quite an achievement and it shows as a club and with Wenger, we've still got pull and sway. I do believe we still need a couple more players in though definitely. A central defender is a must for me, especially with the new system and a central midfielder as well as a wide man.

Q. If you weren't to make any signing from now till the end of the window where do you think Arsenal would finish?

A. With the current squad we've got I do believe we can still maintain a challenge. Top 4 but where would be anyone's guess.

Q. Who are your favourites for the Premier League?

A. Other than us? I'm thinking maybe City if they can maintain the balance Pep seems to be building.

Q. Well of course!! And who do you think will join them in the top four?

A. In no particular order right now quite simply because it's far too soon to even contemplate. I'm going with Arsenal, Tottenham and United/Chelsea. A typical top 4 with Liverpool maybe just creeping up.

Q. It is very difficult to predict! Who should fans be watching out for this season then at Arsenal? Give us your predicted POTY, golden boot winner and breakthrough star?!

A. Looking out for at Arsenal I'd definitely say our two newcomers so far, Seo Kolasinac or Lacazette and also if he gets to stick with the first team, Reiss Nelson. This guy is going places. Without even going into the season yet those are also tough to predict. But I'm gonna go with POTY Alexis. Golden Boot winner, I wanna say Lacazette but I've a feeling it may be Kane or Lukaku. Breakthrough star, again I wanna mention Reiss Nelson but I don't know if he'll get the needed exposure if I'm honest.

Q. Excellent! So I take it you expect Alexis to stay?

*Sanchez has been linked with a move a way from the Emirates throughout the summer*

A. I firmly believe he's going nowhere and I think even the Media are beginning to realise that now too.

Would be Arsenal's best piece of business in my opinion. Well thank you very much Dean! I thoroughly enjoyed that and I wish your favourite team luck for the season!

Thank you mate, thanks for the invite to take part! I really enjoyed doing so. You too mate!

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