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Who is Reiss Nelson?

A little while ago when someone mentioned the name Reiss Nelson, you probably looked at them with a raised eyebrow and Karl Pilkington expression on your face, but since Arsenal's pre-season and Community Shield outings more people have begun to take notice of Arsenal's (legitimately) next big thing. But for those of you who still aren't sure about the Gunners youngster, this is for you.

What type of player is he?

Reiss is typically billed as a Winger or Forward, but is able to play all across the pitch anywhere from the midfield upwards. His style of play is typically that of an inside-forward or "inverted winger." Taking ball to feet he tends to enjoy riling up his opposition by confronting them head on and bypassing them using the pace he also carries, but he can also play inside just off the striker and create chances from there just as well.


Reiss is extremely versatile and quick both on and off of the ball, but one of his main qualities is his ability to take on a player. His dribbling, technique and capability to get away from an opponent with the ball stuck to his foot are second to none in a lad of his age. He also has the propensity for being in the right place at the right time and in picking out a pass. His finishing really isn't too shabby either.


This may seem like bias as an Arsenal fan, but I've genuinely been unable to find any at this stage and I've even tried looking up articles on the player to see if anything shook. I'd say possibly his inexperience in such a physical league such as the Premier League but even then, he has such technique and pace to twist the opposition it, in my opinion at least, counters that. All in all, through all the "next Ronaldo's" or "[enter country here] Messi's" to have come up in the ranks and disappoint, Reiss Nelson at last appears to be the genuine article.

What next?

I wouldn't whinge if he went out on loan this season to ease him in gently, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Arsenal were impressed enough to keep him on board for Cup and European games. Reiss Nelson truly is one for the future in Football.

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