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West Ham United Season Preview 17/18

We sat down with West Ham Central to discuss all things West Ham! Scroll down to see more....

Q. Right so first off how do you feel about West Ham's summer transfer business? Happy? Or do you think you need more?

A. I was happy at the time but I'm worried now after our poor start. Chicharito is the only one of the four who has been a level above in this early stage. Carvalho is needed.

Q. Sky have reported Carvalho may be off due to the fee. £40 too much?

A. Not in my book. I believe it will still happen anyway. We've wanted him for weeks now and he is the final piece of the puzzle

Q. I see. Guess we will have to wait and see! You mention him being the final piece of puzzle but for what actually? What do you think would represent a successful season for West Ham this season? Are they capable of pushing for Europe?

A. Top eight, a battle with Everton for 7th would be good

Q. Been a lot of criticism of Bilic. Is he the right man to lead you forward?

A. Nope but I won't go into that!

Q. Why is that mate?

A. Tactically inept. Plays players in the wrong positions.

Q. I see. Always a tough one but I'm going to ask you for some predictions! Top 4(in order)? Relegation? West Ham finishing position? West Ham POTY? Any West Ham youngster we should keep our eye on?

A. United City Chelsea Arsenal

Burnley Bournemouth Brighton

West Ham? 8th

POTY? Chicharito

Player to watch? Declan Rice

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