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Why Liverpool should cut their losses with Coutinho

You may be looking at the title of this piece and thinking it rather contradicts my previous statement on Coutinho which was Liverpool should be doing anything and everything they can to keep their best player. However, that was before this entire circus really when into overdrive...

The generally feeling in football is that there isn't much loyalty left from players towards their respective clubs. As much as we dislike that we have to accept that it's simply a sign of the times. However one thing I will never accept is a player refusing to do his/her job.

In any other profession if you refuse to do your job to the best of your abilities you're sacked and left with a rather damning reference to your future employers. However in football it seems that this type of unacceptable behavior sees you rewarded with a new club and more 0's on your contract.

People will argue that this again is a sign of the times, With some people I've talked to even suggested Liverpool's reluctance to sell left the player with no choice. Well I'd like to take this opportunity to say that is utter nonsense. I can't envisage any situation where playing for a football club that is the size of Liverpool FC as well as being on massive amounts of money can lead to a situation where refusing to do your job is your only option.

I understand Coutinho wants to join Barcelona, it's his 'dream club' (other than Real Madrid of course who he described as his dream club in 2008) however the way he has gone about it is nothing short of disgraceful. Now let me make this clear, I am not a Liverpool supporter nor do I have emotional attachment to the club. But let me tell you something they are a huge football club. And when you perform well in front of those fans they will treasure you and adopt you as one of their own. I'd put Liverpool into the category of 'unique' clubs in England. Despite not having tasted domestic glory for a large part of 3 decades the sheer size of the club is all too apparent to see. Of course Coutinho and many others would argue that medals in the trophy cabinet far surpasses the size of a club and of course Barcelona are no startups themselves. But to sit here and see a football player refusing to play for any club that pay his/her wages not to mention a club the size of Liverpool is a real sad state of affairs. Of course I won't for one second say Coutinho is alone in his actions. Angel Di Maria at Manchester United springs to mind. But it truly is upsetting to see. Liverpool took a chance on Coutinho when they originally signed him. They have nurtured him, been patient with him and have now finally started to reap the benefits. Coutinho himself stated he wouldn't want to leave Liverpool to be 'just another one' at the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid only a mere 5 months a go. So for him to now stand there refusing to play for them is a great shame not just for Liverpool but for football in general.

Riyad Mahrez is currently playing his trade at Leciester City and with all due respect to them they are a far lesser club than Liverpool. Despite that, Mahrez has got on with his football and contined to give his absolute best for Leicester City. And rightfully so. They are his employers, they pay his wages. The least the player can do is fulfil his duties to the best of his abilities. Coutinho is at a very exciting Liverpool at the moment. Jurgen Klopp is attempting to build something quite special at Anfield, Champions League is back at Anfield however despite this Coutinho sees his situation so undesirable he feels refusing to do his basic contractual obligations for Liverpool FC is the best course of action. In an ideal world players who conducted themselves in such manner would be left to rot in the stands for the duration of their contracts however in today's game that just wouldn't be a viable option. Meaning the best course of action for Klopp and Liverpool has to be to cut ties with their grossly unprofessional Brazilian and re-invest the money into players who actually want to play for their great club.

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