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Why it's time to go for Ronald Koeman and the 3 men who could replace him

We sat down with @EvertonBlueArmy to discuss Koeman's future...

Q. Was another poor result for Everton yesterday, is it time up for Koeman?

A. Poor result yesterday. We played decent in small periods of the game, but overall, it was disappointing. It’s pretty much time up for Koeman in my eyes. I can’t see any way he can turn this around at the moment.

Q. What has gone wrong for Koeman? Earned a good reputation at Southampton, respectable season last season, what has let him down this season?

A. It’s like he’s changed from last season at the flick of a switch. Last season, he was ruthless, straight-talking and a refreshing change from Roberto Martinez. This season, he’s started playing players in incorrect positions, he has obvious favourites in the team despite poor form and he sounds ridiculously delusional in almost every interview or press conference. It’s bizarre how much he’s changed.

Q. You said before that you can't see a way back for Koeman, do you feel there is anything he can do to save the situation or is it simply too late?

A. I don’t know. Perhaps he can do something and it’ll all just suddenly click, but I don’t know. I just can’t see anything changing, especially with the tough fixtures coming at us thick and fast. Maybe the players just need a new voice because pretty much everything he’s tried has failed.

Q. With that in mind, could you think of 3 possible managers that could replace him?

A. It’s very limited for choice from what I know. You’ve got Ancelotti, but I can’t see him being interested in Everton at all, Thomas Tuchel, and David Unsworth. They’re the three most mentioned candidates, anyway. There is probably others that I am unaware of.

Q. How would you assess the 3 candidates you've just mentioned? All 3 an upgrade on Koeman?

A. Carlo Ancelotti is obviously an upgrade on Ronald Koeman. His managerial career is superb. I’m not going to pretend I know loads about Thomas Tuchel, but I’ve heard decent things from people who do. It’s hard to judge really. David Unsworth has been superb for Everton’s U23s, but he’s very inexperienced in comparison to Koeman, so again, it’s hard to judge.

Q. Would Everton fans on the whole be happy with Unsworth if he became the new manager?

A. It’d be a huge risk when you think about it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work. I think Everton fans would be willing to give him a try at this point, he seems to play great football with the U23s. My only worry is that, if he did come in and we didn’t do great at the start, whether Everton fans, me included, would jump on his back quickly. It’d be harsh on him if he got the job and it didn’t go well.

Q. Finally in your own words what are your general feelings on Koeman? If he is to leave how will he be remembered? 3 main reasons you want him gone?

A. I liked Koeman last season. I liked his ruthless attitude. However, my feelings on him now are that he is stubborn and frustrating for a fan of the club he manages. I think if Koeman left right now, he’d be remembered as a manager who played pretty poor football, with no real tactics and never fully “got” the club. I want Koeman gone because: 1. He, for some reason, tries to play multiple players in their incorrect positions. 2. He is reluctant to change underperforming players for others just because he doesn’t like them for whatever reason. 3. He has started to become delusional in his interviews and blame everybody but himself for Everton’s situation. It’s becoming a chore to listen to him speak.

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