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Everton vs. Arsenal - Premier League preview

Everton vs. Arsenal

Premier League preview

This is a special fixture in some ways. Bergkamp’s first assist for us was here, all the way back in 1995, for a certain Mr. Wright (Wright, Wright).

Vermaelan of all players got a debut brace, and the “certain world-beater” Cadamateri secured a winning brace here many years ago.

Oh, and a genuine world-beater made us “remember the name!” (or remember his name, shall I say) in 2002, and not for his granny antics or swearing in cameras. Rooney is both a Man United and England legend, and rightly should be celebrated for his goals and great moments.

But would he get the winner again here? Possibly. Though I do believe Arsenal can win.

You may think I’m mad, considering our erratic nature. However, it is due to our intrinsic erratic form that I believe we will.

Everton rested some players in their loss to Lyon, but their form of late is worse than ours. If we lose this, then Wenger is safe. If Koeman loses, he may be out. Everton were never going to be world-beaters, despite spending a lot, but nobody expected relegation form.

Moreover, our players are better than theirs. Rooney of today is not the Rooney of ten or more years ago. Williams is an OK defender, but not in the Kos’s, or even Mustafi’s, class. Lacazette, Alexis, Xhaka, Ramsey, etc. will all be back and possibly only Cech from the Crvena game will start here. Pickford is decent, but Cech is still a measure above him despite the comparative age difference.

Same old issues (or Arsenal?)

I believe the major thing to fuck us up here would be if we present the same old issues, as in laxness and poor tactical preparation.

If we do, we can lose. But if we get it right, then we can win. I believe the latter is an option. We seem to pull out good performances from nothing, amidst bad results. The Man City home league draw, Man City FA Cup semi, and the Cup Final were all examples of this last season. The Chelsea draw away is a yet another instance from this season.

Everton will look to rough us up, and possibly it is a bit of wishful thinking that I am conveying, but I do think we can get a result.

North London is playing the City of Liverpool this weekend, as Spurs host Liverpool. Tottenham despite any enmity towards them look favourites there, and if they do win, and we beat Everton, then it puts us in good stead come the City and Scum games in November. Let’s do our best to at least secure top four by that time, as the other top teams will surely drop points by then.


Everton 1-2 Arsenal

I’m hoping Lacazette gets back amongst the goals. He has looked OK in recent games, but needs some goals as a booster. Moreover, he has not scored a goal for us away from home as yet, so this is opportune to break that duck.

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