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Everton 2-5 Arsenal - Gunners unsweeten Toffees

Well…where the hell was that performance in recent months ( nay years)?

We bossed them from start to finish, despite Rooney scoring a great goal for them at the start.

Rooney’s goal was against the run of play, but we did show the “cajones” today.

We showed overall the technicality, heart, grit, and clinical nature to win this very comical.

First half

We started very well, and Lacazette, Ozil, and Ramsey all had chances in the opening minutes.

But Rooney scored a great goal to give Everton the lead. However, the match levelled out, leading to Monreal getting a good equaliser near half-time. Sanchez could have scored also near the end, after some great inter-play between him and Ozil.

The score at half-time was pretty reflective of the game overall, as it was even at that point.

Second half

Arsenal turned the screw here. Sanchez looked bright on the left, and made a great assist for Ozil, to put Arsenal ahead.

The play here was very slick, and overall it looked very bright and progressive.

Lacazette got a third later in the half, with Ramsey and Alexis scoring more goals to finish it off.

There was a bad error at the back, to let Everton score another, but overall it did not ameliorate an overall outstanding performance from Arsenal.

Impressions/player ratings

Why can’t we play like this every week? If we did, and some may snigger at this, but we would be up there with City in the league.

Deeney’s comments, possibly, could have had some effect. Everton, after Rooney scored, did try to rough us up, but we coped with it. We also showed some superlative attacking play, with Ozil, Lacazette, and Alexis, all playing for the first time together. The attacking was thus very fluid, and we created numerous chances.

This performance typified why Arsenal fans get angry. Where was this performance vs. Watford? Or Liverpool? This compounds the notion that it’s our attitude, application, and energy, which are our principal issues. We really need to be more consistent. Yes, this is self-evident. But then we get angry since we are so hot and cold. If we could be “hot” 80% of the time, then we can look the part, and be up there challenging for the league.

Everton’s poor form was a factor in our win, though I think we showed the fight and heart, coupled with strong interplay, to destroy them.

The mistake for their second goal, by Cech/Monreal, was comically poor. Yes, it didn’t cost us, but then players of their quality should not engage in such silliness. Mertesacker started, but then he looked pretty solid.

However, despite this inane error, the defence and wing-backs played well.

Cech 7, Monreal 7, Kos 7, Per 8, Bellerin 6, Kolasinac 7

The midfield showed fight and creativity, and it’s pretty much a principal reason why we won this game. They also linked up well with the attackers, and Everton could not handle it well enough.

Xhaka 6, Ramsey 8

The attackers were all top, with Ozil shining.

Ozil, in a way, characterises Arsenal’s overall form. Today, he was excellent. However, he performs far too erratically and inconsistently, which is to his detriment.

Alexis got a good assist and goal, and Lacazette also was sharp.

Ozil 10, Alexis 8, Lacazette 8.

MOTM – Mesut Ozil

Despite the haters, he took his time to execute a wondrous performance here.

He was instrumental in his winning here, and he needs to sustain this for the long haul.

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