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Bayern Munich 2-0 RB Leizpig: 5 talking Points

Q. So first of all what were your thoughts on today's game?

A. We played today's game in pretty much the fashion that I was hoping as well as expecting to. We played the first half with great intensity, our midfield was much smoother and more fluid than it was during the weekday in the DFB Pokal game vs Leipzig; and we just looked up for it today. Having Javi, Rudy and Thiago on the field meant that we were secure defensively, but also managed to keep the ball very well. First half we truly went for it, and were rewarded with 2 goals; one a piece for James and Lewy. Second half, against a 10-man RB Leipzig, we just kept possession and stopped Leipzig from getting any chance of getting a goal

Q. How has it been post-Ancelotti? Jupp getting the best out of the players?

A. Jupp has definitely been a breath of fresh air. Players who had previously struggled under Ancelotti have now improved from game to game. Alaba, who was a liability under Ancelotti is now slowly growing with each game and slowly reaching the form he had before Ancelotti joined. There are countless examples of players improving and my guess is that it is due to the fitness levels. One big criticism from the players towards Ancelotti has always been the fitness levels. According to multiple players, who even came out and spoke about it when Carlo was still there; the training wasn't intense enough and the players often felt that they had to do individual training in their own time since they didn't feel that they got enough out of Carlo's training. That problem seems to be gone now under Jupp. We had a game in mid-week in which we played 120 minutes and we were still able to play an intense first half today

Q. Do you feel Bayern's form has vindicated the decision to get rid of Ancelotti?

A. Yes, absolutely. Results and our fitness levels speak for themselves. Ancelotti's issues weren't just an issue of what happened this season, but they were issues that have been there since his appointment. Lack of creativity, lack of intensity and a lack of motivation. All of that seems to have returned right now under Jupp

Q. 5 main talking points from today's game?

A. 1) James was excellent, man of the match in my opinion. 2) We need to start taking our chances from corners 3) Rudy has been the surprise of the season, and should honestly start - at least for now. 4) Leipzig will need to learn more discipline if they want to progress in different competitions. They've gotten far too many cards this season. 5) Thiago works wherever you play him. Deeper, further forward or even as a false nine. He just works

Q. There were noises that James wanted out after Ancelotti's sacking, is it safe to say he's committed to Bayern?

A. Absolutely. I don't think those rumours regarding James wanting to leave were ever true and he's proven that so far

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