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What City has to do to win the league?

Pep Guardiola is certainly more determined and desperate as ever to win his first EPL title at all cost. He has got by far the best squad in the league, the most expensive by far and the best team with the ball too. They also play the most exciting football in the league by a huge margin but we all know it takes much more than being the best team to win the league and they are a load of example to brace this fact, which will cause me to digress a little from the main topic.

When Leicester City won the league two seasons back, they certainly were not the best football playing team, Tottenham outmatched them in this regard but they weren't grinding out results like the Foxes were doing. Vardy and Mahrez will get that much needed goal and Kante and co will make certain you don't get an equalizer.

Manchester United in the 2011/2012 season lost an eight point gap to same city rival, Manchester city and Roberto Mancini boys gracefully win the league after some poor run of form from United.

Ferguson lead Manchester United team themselves snatched the league back in 1996 from the grasp of Kevin Keegan's Newcastle who were 12 points ahead at the end of January.

Back to the discuss, the best in this art is the gaffer and retired Sir Alex Ferguson, I remember vividly he won the league in 2008/2009 in a neck to neck contest with Rafael Benitez with so much mind games in play too. It goes down as the most unsuccessful successful Liverpool premier league season ever when Benitez gave in to mind games and got fizzled out of the contest.

Jose Mourinho mastery of mind games cannot go unnoticed as well, he’s been known to possess the artistry in mind and word plays both on the field of play and during interviews aimed at unsettling his rivals or target. Saving grace for Pep again here is that he knows Mourinho all too well from their Barcelona days under Van Gaal and during their spell cum rivalry at Barcelona and Real Madrid. He’ll be on the lookout for his antics.

However, by carefully accessing the Manchester City team's quality you will observe they have squad quality and depth, they have by far the best player in the league at the moment in Kevin de Bruyne and an experience manager in Pep who will always be there to give the Pep talk and advice whenever necessary.

But it takes much more this to win the league over the course of 38 games, it take luck, consistency and drive to grind out the results when there’s a dip in form which will inadvertently arise. Looking into their next games critically, if they can come out unscathed into January with no record of multiple injury on record, the league can be as sure as rapped up already.

They have to play Swansea away, Tottenham at home, Bournemouth at home, Newcastle away, Crystal Palace away and Watford at home in the next three weeks all before the beginning of the FA cup on Jan 6 and 7 like everyone else. If they come out of these games with their 11 points lead intact or probably extended even further, the league will definitely will be done and dusted by then.

Above every other thing, it was apparent in the latter stage of the game against Manchester United after the Otamendi goal when Guardian brought on Mangala for Jesus to tighten the back even more to see out the result. It's a step in the right direction towards winning the league amid the huge competition therein. They even went as far as employing so many Mourinho-esque delay tactics to run down the time which they did effectively.

These are the exact measures needed to be employed to win the league, if City can see off their matches into the new year and stay off injury they might as well be crown champions already.

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