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Swansea City 3-1 Arsenal

Being a Gooner has some terribly wild ups and downs.

There was the low of us messing up, potentially, the PEA deal.

Then we’ve got him.

And now we lose to Swansea.

Granted, Liverpool lost to them. But they won tonight. And we needed this win to get top four.

But what’s more, despite changes (Alexis, Mkhi, PEA), we’re still the same.

We still make the same mistakes and errors, and despite new players, we don’t have what it takes to change them.


  • Swansea clearly had a game plan, to get in our faces, and press up

  • We couldn’t handle it, but when we did we played the same sideways shuffle football of late

  • We looked pretty slow in attack, and just went for square balls that amounted to little.

  • We lacked width and the introduction (albeit highly welcome) of Mkhi, and possibly the last ever Arsenal game for Giroud, didn’t do much.

  • Swansea wanted it more, as a former Gunner and now Evertonian once said.

Our attacking was limp overall, and we didn’t deserve to win this.

Impressions/player ratings

The team was strong enough, as was the bench.

Nonetheless, we lacked the same drive and impetus of recent games.

So perhaps we can stop saying “we look better without Alexis”. It’s clear that the reason for this bad play is NOT him, but rather….well you know who. Let’s say his last name begins with W…..

Petr Cech is up with the greats in PL history. But surely now he’s past it. He made a monumental error here, which ultimately cost us.

The defence were OK in parts, but cost us two goals. The equaliser, soon after Monreal’s goal, and their third, were due to bad marking and tracking.

The midfield was pressed too much, but when they looked to create, they were key in the sideways play in front of their penalty area.

Lacazette was quiet, though he was severly denied service. Ozil looked to create, and got an assist, though Mkhi didn’t have much time to influence things. Iwobi was muted, but didn’t offer much.

As for Giroud, I’d be sorry to see him go. He’s not a legend, but he’s done well enough for us, and helped us win trophies. For a player, albeit a title winner at Montpellier, who cost £12m he has done pretty well. He’s also scored some aesthetically great goals, which will live forever in the memory. Merci beaucoup, Giroud.

Cech 3, Mustafi 5, Kos 5, Monreal 7, Bellerin 5, Xhaka 5, Ramsey 5, Elneny 6, Iwobi 5, Ozil 6, Lacazette 4, Mkhi 5, Giroud 5.

So, it’s more of the same. It’s pretty telling this is negative, but then we’re seeing the same style of play all the time. And with more impetus, we could and should have won. Yes, Swansea played well, but I feel we played into their hands, and were not incisive enough.

Lacazette is being wasted. He’s not a hold-up type striker, and cannot play in a one up top. He needs support (PEA?)

Let’s put to bed the notion that we’re better whilst “Alexis-less”. This performance, akin to others with him in the team, denotes a deeper and more chronic issue at hand.

We have Everton up next, and the return of an old boy. Big Sam is one for “out-tacticting” opponents, so we need to watch it.

However, if by chance there are non-gooners reading this, this is the same team and players that beat Chelsea (the champions). And lost to Bournemouth. And held Chelsea (League) and Liverpool at home. It’s things like this that, amongst others, annoy us and make us angry.

Let’s hope the good Arsenal turn up vs. Everton, since we need we can to get top four.

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