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Arsenal 5-1 Everton

With the introduction of PEA and Mkhi, and both of them contributing to this fine win vs Everton, we’re still adapting to life after “Alexit”.

Do you miss Alexis? Well, thus far, the team doesn’t.

Our two new boys had good games, with Mkhi being man of the match.

Our old boy Ozil had a good game too.

And another old boy, Mr. Theo, didn’t score against us but was poor along with his new team.

This game mirrored that of Palace in many respects.

We battered them in the first half, and they couldn’t cope with our attacking threat. Mkhi, Ozil, PEA, and Ramsey all were interlinking well and their defence couldn’t handle them.

We also were clinical in our finishing, and Everton (like Palace) were limp, sullen, and in the own words of their manager Big Sam “pathetic”.

The second half was pretty much, again, akin to Palace. Everton stepped it up somewhat, though we took our foot off the gas as we were comfortably ahead. They equalised via Calvert-Lewin’s header, though Ramsey got a hat-trick and became the 20th hat-trick scorer for us in PL history.

Overall, it was comfortable, and Theo came back “home” to get a right pasting.

Impressions/player ratings

This emphasises why we moan.

The Swansea game was terrible on many counts. Though today we looked like a different team. All areas were reasonably strong, though their goal could have been defended better.

Nonetheless, it was pretty thorough, and as always our attacking play was immense.

Cech didn’t get his 200th PL clean sheet, though before his injury did well enough.

The defence too was similar, and whilst committing a few errors they were able to correct them and handle whatever Everton conjured. Bellerin showed good width, and got in some telling crosses. Mustafi and Koscielny combined well for the latter’s goal, and Monreal was fine as always.

Ramsey was excellent, and not just due to his hat-trick. He took his time to press, support attacks, and get forward and back when needed. Xhaka was OK, and too pressed well.

Mkhi looked like he’s been here for years. In some ways, his style of play is akin to Ozil’s, and both combined well. Iwobi gave the ball way occasionally, though had a fair game generally.

As for PEA, well his goal was offside. But who cares really? It was a prime finish, and surely a glimpse of more to come. His pace is Henry-esque, and why should we fear Kane when PEA is more accomplished?

Harry Kane, on form alone, is world class. I will be genuine in saying that. But PEA has stellar domestic form, and wins stuff too. Kane hasn’t, to our mass glee.

But the key for us now is consistency. We know that with a better attitude and better coaching, we can attain this. This performance shows what we’re capable of, though granted, against a poor Everton team.

Cech 6

Mustafi 6

Koscielny 6

Bellerin 6

Monreal 6

Ramsey 10

Xhaka 7

Iwobi 5

Ozil 7

Mkhitarian 10

Aubameyang 7

Kolasinac 5

Ospina 6

Man of the match

Henrik Mkhitarian

For his home debut, it was a game to remember and behold. He’s akin to Ozil in his playing style, but then he can be a top player for us.

Honourable mention


I don’t and have never hated him. He was/is a winger, and to get 100 goals in 400 games for any winger is good. This is better than Giggs at Man U, who is arguably the best winger in PL history.

However, it was nice to see him get cheered, and he left the club with grace and didn’t badmouth the club or the fans (as did Alexis to be fair). He could have scored, bar a great tackle from Mustafi, but Theo has done well and it’s not his fault he was billed as the new Henry, and was included in the 2006 World Cup squad.

So, it’s on to Wembley, our second home, and our “good friends” who will move back to their abode later this year. We win trophies there, they only win games there, but we can win another game there very soon.

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