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An Idiot and an Expert - Episode 3

Claudio and Joe sit down to record their first weekend episode, Topics include: Manchester United v. Liverpool reaction - (2:48), Which is the biggest rivalry in soccer and how it compares to Yankees/Red Sox (3:50), The idiot's tweet goes viral - (11:45), the expert explains terms like "form" and "shape" - (13:45), Is there more leeway for coaches in American sports than in soccer? - (19:00), Why is Mike Piazza mad at Serie A team Sassuolo? - (20:18), Comparing Mike Piazza's Reggiana to Derek Jeter and the Marlins - (29:00), AC Milan v. Arsenal reaction (31:57), Serie A including Inter v. Napoli and Roma's upcoming Champions League match - (36:52), MLS has a new deal with twitter, what does it mean? - (40:50) Current status of Columbus Crew's move to Austin - (46:36).

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