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An Idiot and an Expert - Episode 4

The boys are back in the studio, topics include: Champions League recap including explaining the quarterfinal draw to Joe and whether it would be better to seed the teams - (03:00), Does two Italian teams in the quarterfinals mean Serie A is back? - (9:00), Breaking down Manchester United's elimination and Jose Mourinho as a manager - (11:10), Does Manchester City's success add pressure to Mourinho and United? - (14:26), Why Mourinho was upset with Frank de Boer - (19:08), Inter Milan's Luciano Spalletti says his own players don't have quality - (23:45), Juventus is now in control of the Serie A race - (29:02), Did Claudio jinx Napoli by wearing their jersey? What does his jersey collection consist of and should he buy a Juventus jersey to try and jinx them? - (30:08), AC Milan is going to Arsenal down 2-0, do they have a chance? - (39:28), The New York Red Bulls welcome Claudio while NYCFC leave Joe on an island, and CONCACAF Champions League talk - (45:28).

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