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An Idiot and an Expert - Episode 5

The boys are back after their own international break, topics include: International Break recap discussing Italy, Argentina, Germany, Brazil & the USA - (1:10), Serie A talk breaking down Juventus v. Milan & Bologna v. Roma including betting odds - (6:00), Champions League preview and betting odds - (12:38), What to watch in the Premier League this upcoming weekend - (16:40), MLS talk breaking down the Zlatan Ibrahimovic to LA Galaxy move, as well as "El Trafico" - (17:55), What do International Friendlies mean and would they work in the NBA or other US sports? - (25:43), Why Claudio hates the World Baseball Classic - (33:05), What the Giants should do with Odell Beckham, who is the soccer comparison? - (37:06), Who should the Jets draft as quarterback? - (47:05), Is soccer's following more regional like the MLB or more national like the NFL or NBA? - (50:45), "Mike & the Mad Dog" style MLB over/unders - (55:15).

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