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An Idiot and an Expert - Episode 6 with WFAN's John Jastremski

Claudio and Calcio Joe are joined by their first guest, WFAN's very own John Jastremski. Topics include: World soccer development through youth academies v. youth development and collegiate sports in the United States - (2:28), The guys ask John about his knowledge of soccer - (14:00), Does the USA not making the World Cup affect his chances of watching it? - (16:28), Introducing a segment of soccer doppelgangers of American athletes called "Soccergangers," where they discuss who the soccer equivalent is of players such as Tom Brady and Lebron James - (18:15), NCAA Tournament talk explaining whether John's beloved Syracuse should have made the tournament, who are the best college coaches and what Final Four teams will play for the Championship - (38:10), The guys get John's thoughts on their MLB Over/Unders - (44:56), They finish up with NFL draft talk, ranking the top quarterbacks and looking at who the New York Giants, New York Jets and John's Miami Dolphins should draft - (49:57).

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