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Will Chelsea make top 4?

We sat down with @WorldWideChels to discuss Chelsea's top chances as well Conte and Hazard's futures....

Big win for Chelsea over the weekend, what were your thoughts?

WWC: Absolutely buzzing, for many weeks I've been going on about top 4 for Chelsea whilst they were behind around 6-8 points I still believed there was a small chance and results have been going our way, we have been winning 3-4 games prior to Liverpool and what a performance, nervy towards the end but the team showed fantastic character and passion, indicating they are not giving up for the top 4 and will take the challenge to the end!

There was a time Chelsea's top 4 hopes and Conte's Chelsea future had been completely written off. How do you see the two now?

WWC: I'm in between the two! Back in February I think we played well against Barca (H) and United away but dropped silly points through individual mistakes. We also dropped poor performances against the likes of Watford, Bournemouth and Tottenham which I felt the team were not playing for Conte. Looking at the wins recently, more eager and belief from the team why? Simply because I feel Conte has told the players he will leave at the end of the season, take the top 4 battle to the last day of the season and win the Emirates FA Cup as a good send off. Furthermore, many reports about Sarri learning English as he is poised to join Chelsea. Top 4 battle is alive but I feel Conte will leave.

2 games to go, how do you see the season panning out?

WWC: Looking forward to the big last home game against Huddersfield I'm sure the fans will be up for it and treat it like a cup final Could it be Conte's last game at home? Maybe... but I think everyone will give it their 100% and the difficult last game against Newcastle away, I believe last time we won there was like in 2010 which is not positive for us, we will need some luck but we have been every game recently and I'm sure the club and players will get those final wins in for any chance in the top 4.

Spurs and Liverpool are Chelsea's targets, who's the most likely side to drop out in your opinion?

WWC: It's a really tough one you could say Liverpool due to the UCL although it's weeks away - form has not been great and confidence will be low because Chelsea beat them but Tottenham are known for bottling moments like this in and not only cups In fact, Newcastle who were relegated some years ago knocked Tottenham out of the top 4 and let Arsenal back in I feel we could see this again as they have two games to play and one is Newcastle although at home! It's tough but I feel Tottenham as they have two games to play and Liverpool have one.

Chelsea could easily miss out on the top 4 and end the season trophy-less however at the same time you could end up with top 4 and an FA Cup. Will Conte remain should the latter happen?

WWC: Yes I believe Conte should stay not because I used to be ConteTweets ha, but because I don't feel he was backed enough by the board and was another version of Mourinho who won the league and didn't improve the squad. People say we spent but really we only replaced players and we signed average players on last day of transfer windows Honestly the board just need to back the manager and add stability and we could go far but I'm not surprised with Chelsea board sacking managers after 2-3 years The club aims for short term and that's the sad reality. We all support the club more than the manager but it's sad to see what has happened this season from a perfect last season.

Can't not mention Hazard. What did you think of his performance on the weekend? Do you see his long term future at Chelsea?

WWC: I wish he was consistent in doing these performances although the players around him have not helped many times. Long term, I believe age could just save him at Chelsea as Real Madrid have been chasing him for many years and have not succeeded, I believe he does not own his place which rings bells that he may leave soon with family but then got Chelsea to sign his brother, it's a tough one I feel he's like Conte Wants better players around him that can push the club higher, he did also say whatever happens we will be fighting for the league next season which sounds to me he's staying

And finally, in your hearts of hearts do Chelsea make the top 4?

WWC: YES!!!! I will always believe and I will tell you after Wednesday when we beat Huddersfield - we can! For now, the most important thing is that we win both our remaining games before looking over to Liverpool and Tottenham but the pressure is on them both as their form has dipped recently but we will get the spot I believe. Thank you for having me and I'm proud to cover Chelsea content for your amazing page, everyone reading - make sure you follow @CSportsFootball and myself - WorldWideChels! Speak soon again!

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