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What COULD Sarri bring to Chelsea?

We sat down with @WorldWideChels to discuss the FA Cup win, plus what Sarri could potentially be bringing to Chelsea....

So what did you make of the FA Cup final win?

WWC: It was absolutely fantastic and exactly what the club needed following a difficult season. Our 8th FA Cup trophy and this one seemed very special, happy that Antonio Conte finally got his first cup trophy as you know, his records are usually poor.

Of course the major talking point remains the issue of the manager. Sarri is available now, do you believe Conte deserves more time or should Chelsea move for Sarri?

WWC: Ahhh!! Very tough question and putting me on the spot there! I've said I am not Conte in or Conte out, I believe managers have issues with the board every 2-3 years hence no manager here has survived, sadly - Conte is another victim who had fallen out with the board since the summer where we did not strengthen the squad, therefore - his arrogance and stubbornness in making late changes due to pure frustration has affected our season massively. We cannot go through that again, so therefore - we will need to move onto the next manager which most likely is Sarri as I reported it!

What would Sarri bring to Chelsea? Could he ensure a certain Eden Hazard stays at the club?

WWC: He will be the first manager under the Roman Abramovich era to bring a certain style of football - attacking. We have had counter attacking, defensive managers which has landed us trophies - but we want something different, this could make Hazard stay as he won't be defending as much if he was to join and could enjoy football properly again! The only thing I am worried about is the youth and our patience with him and trophies - he has not won trophies and the lack of experience in that could affect us in the future.

A quick note on Roman Abramovich, it has reported that his visa hasn't been renewed. Are the Chelsea fans worried by this?

WWC: I've not read a lot on this but some new rules in the UK under some basis of 'tier's so I cannot talk a lot on this, I'm sure in the end it will all be fine, just the paperwork has taken longer due to the new rules. We should not be worried about this as you can see his still making choices with Marina outside of the UK as we are poised to sign Sarri!

Back to Sarri then, if he were to takeover from Conte and I must stress if! Do you believe he'll be given sufficient backing for the summer? Chelsea managers of the past have complained of a lack of backing in the window

WWC: He will be backed a lot in the transfer window as it will be his first season! The cycle of the board not helping is after we win the league - Mourinho and now Conte! I am not worried about this summer, we will spend and I can promise you that! I am looking forward to this season.

Finally then, if Conte is to leave how do you believe he will be remembered by Chelsea fans?

I honestly think the first season will always be remembered as we broke many records, most wins in the league in a row for the club, 30 wins in a season - without players like Drogba, Lampard etc is quite impress plus to follow it all up this season, we won the Emirates FA Cup - Two trophies in 2 years isn't bad surely! He will go down as a great manager for Chelsea.

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