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Who's next in at Chelsea?

Who will become the next Chelsea manager? Take a read below as all the potential candidates are assessed.....

Maurizio Sarri

After finishing 2nd in Italy with an impressive 91 points, Sarri has raised mixed opinions amongst Chelsea fans. Many Chelsea fans initially felt that he would not be fit to be the next Chelsea manager due to his failure to win the league in Italy accompanied with the fact he had not won a trophy in his 13 year career.

However, many Chelsea fans welcomed his potential appointment as they branded his 91 points a great campaign especially taking in to consideration the lack of backing from the board. His attacking football is what interests Chelsea fans as we have always seen defensive and counter attacking football. I agree with both sides as every manager has advantages and disadvantages.

Leonardo Jardim

The Monaco manager is seen as a tactician with a balanced mindset - both attacking and defensive which was also positive for Chelsea fans who wanted a change from counter attacking and defensive football. However, after reported talks with Marina - it seemed they wanted Sarri more, which led to Jardim then coming out and stating that he will continue to be apart of the 'Monaco project.'

Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique is successful manager that was widely perceived to be an underdog to take the role. Despite his reported talks with Marina - talks eventually broke down due to the excessive demands requested by Enrique.


There were small reports of Slaviša Jokanović , the current Fulham manager and who was a former Chelsea player during his career. Following a great season in the championship with Fulham and an impressive style of football it is easy to see why the Chelsea board may been tempted by their former player. However, he seems to be the final option in a situation where Chelsea fail to secure their top targets. Before going back to Sarri, a surprise report had come out last week stating Laurent Blanc had become favourite to become Chelsea manager.

Laurent Blanc

A manager who has been out of job for two years since his sacking from PSG which instantly raised eyebrows. One side had said, he was not good enough to land another job but the others had said he was paid out £25m when he was sacked by PSG which they believe he did not need to work again for a while. Like Sarri earlier, I agree with both sides - I do think Blanc got offers but not that 'top' job he was most likely after. However, with Chelsea coming in, it certainly would have caught his eye. According to reports, Marina had actually agreed personal terms with Blanc back in April but the club will only go for it if they fail to secure their primary target Sarri.

The Situation

Sarri remains very complicated situation, despite Napoli appointing Carlo Ancelotti, they have not made life easy for Sarri at all. He had a release clause of £8m before 1st of June which Chelsea failed to trigger as I believe they do not want to pay for him and for Conte to leave (£9m) which meant they were either going to walk away or make Sarri force a choice. According to reports, he has the option terminate his contract for £1.5m which Chelsea probably would have paid off as they would have saved £6.5m after taking away the £8m.

Also, if Napoli were to sack him, they would have to pay £500k which I do not think the Napoli president would ever consider as he wants the final say and will ensure Napoli receives money. Fresh reports today have claimed Chelsea are still continuing talks with Sarri as Marina has returned from her holiday and will meet up with Roman Abramovich after having UK Visa issues (recently joined Israel to fly over to UK for at least 6 months.) I do expect this deal to happen with Chelsea paying a fee but they could use David Luiz in exchange to help ease the situation. I do believe Sarri will sign for Chelsea before the world cup but some say he will sign during the world cup. I am also sure if we do not sign Sarri, Laurent Blanc will sign.

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