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The Ricketts family is interested in AC Milan - a U.S. based Milan fan's knee jerk reaction

It is a bit premature to get excited over this, but one can't help it. The Ricketts family is a major financial player in the United States, and the news that they are interested in purchasing AC Milan is very promising. Here are my thoughts on the situation.

Milan has been under much scrutiny lately due to their current Chinese owner, Yonghong Li. No one knows who Li is or where his fortune comes from, or if he even has a fortune at all. This has caused problems for Milan in the eyes of UEFA, as they are set to receive some harsh Financial Fair Play penalties.

If the Ricketts family were to arrive, everything would change. The Ricketts family is very wealthy, and everyone knows who they are. There would be no questions at all about the family's wealth or resources and most importantly: its ability to run Milan. They currently own the Chicago Cubs and have invested a ton of money into the team and stadium in order to ensure a positive long-term growth for the organization.

More importantly than the financial resources is their way of doing business. The Ricketts family went out and hired Theo Epstein, arguably the best General Manager in baseball, in order to start a long-term plan of making the Cubs a contender year in and year out. Once their younger players grew and were ready to take the leap, the Cubs then went out and hired Joe Maddon, one of the best manager's in baseball. The family does not micromanage, they hire the best and let them do their jobs. This is extremely important for Milan as in the football world today, many owners want to be menaces and get involved in purchasing players and coaching decisions. Milan's previous owner, Silvio Berlusconi, was a prime example of this.

If the news is true, and the deal goes through, this will be the start of a great era for Milan. The Ricketts would undoubtedly hire the right sporting director and manager to lead the team, and focus on growing a strong base in the Primavera in order to ensure a mix of young, home-grown quality. Once the base is created. later on you could trust them to add top players to compliment the strong core.

In addition to personnel, the family would definitely look to upgrade the San Siro or build a new one. Something tells me they would renovate the San Siro as they did with historic Wrigley Field in Chicago. They did not want to build a new stadium due to the history Wrigley possesses, and my feeling is they would do the same to the San Siro. It is a bit of a complicated situation because of Inter's involvement, but it seems like the path they would choose. One thing is for sure, they would definitely upgrade the current stadium in order to maximize revenue and further help the finances of the club. The future would look bright for the red and black side of Milan if it were in the hands of the Ricketts family.

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