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Breaking down the Juventus Transfer Market with JuveFC.com: including Cristiano Ronaldo talk

As always, we turn to our good friend Rav from JuveFC.com in order to discuss all things Juventus (Twitter @juvefcdotcom). We broke down the current transfer market dealings from the Bianconeri, including the major talk of a possible Cristiano Ronaldo acquisition.

Claudio: So let’s start with the transfer market, particularly the outgoing players. What are your thoughts on Juventus losing Buffon, Asamoah and Lichtsteiner?

JuveFC: Buffon is the biggest loss, in part because we will miss all he gave to the club, but also his experience and leadership, and the fact that despite his age, he's still an incredible goalkeeper. It's a shame to see him leave in these circumstances but I can understand his reasons for going, even if I don't agree with them.

Lichtsteiner has been a really important player for us over the years, a massive character and a really difficult player to play against for our opponents. He was a bastard, but he was our bastard, and I loved that side of his game sometimes. He was an angry uncontrollable beast of a right-back on his day. I never liked the fact he was ditched for Dani Alves in the CL squad, because he showed a lot of loyalty. Again, we'll miss his experience.

Asamoah is another devoted club servant who really did it all for us. Played in midfield, then LWB, then LB. Gave up playing in the AFCON to get fit and ready for Juve. It's shame that he had his best season in some time and decided to leave for our most hated rivals and while I'll always wish him the best, I can’t wish him luck at Inter.

Claudio: Haha understood about Asamoah. Great points about Buffon and Lichtsteiner, it will definitely be odd and a bit of a shock to see Gigi in another jersey if the move does indeed become official.

Let’s move onto the current signings. I personally think Cancelo is a great signing for them. As you mentioned Dani Alves, Cancelo reminds me of that bit of a quality attacking right back that Juve were lacking last season. What are your thoughts on him as well as Emre Can? And of course, what do you think of Perin signing and what does it mean for Szczesny?

JuveFC: Cancelo is a superb attack minded signing - we needed that at RB as De Sciglio is a more rounded FB and perhaps a little more defensive minded at times. Cancelo will balance that out and I think he might be a great heir to Lichtsteiner in the hopes that he stays long term. I'm really excited about how Joao will improve our game in the final third and let us play a few yards faster.

I'm not convinced on Emre Can yet – that’s nothing against him as I think he'll bring youth and pace to the position Sami Khedira occupies for us at present. My reservations are about how much of a step up he'll be to our midfield. We really needed to bring the midfield up to the level of the attack which is full of depth. I'll wait and see how Can plays in the first couple of months before offering too much praise/criticism.

Perin is an odd one - I think he's a brilliant younger keeper, still so young but it seems he's been around for ages. I think he might be the kind of long-term heir to Gigi that we're looking for, and it's really up to him to find a moment in the season and then exploit it to supplant Woj as number one. As a juventino, it's a great situation to have two of the best keepers in Europe on the books, but I'm not sure which of the two will end the season as first choice keeper

Claudio: Great insight on all three! I agree with Perin, I can’t see Szczesny being happy with the signing since he sat behind Buffon for a year in order to be the starter eventually. Unless of course there were reassurances that it would be his spot to lose.

JuveFC: That’s exactly it - so much can happen over the season ;)

Claudio: Two more younger players are coming in - Caldara and Spinazzola. I know Spinazzola is hurt and will not be ready in time for the season to begin, but what do you expect from these two? Will they have an immediate impact? Also, does Spinazzola’s injury make you feel like Alex Sandro will be in Juventus jersey when the market closes?

JuveFC: Sandro's situation is a very quiet one for now. Very little talk other than the reports that he is considering Juve's new offer. I could see him leave and if he does, it'd be a real shame. He's had a mixed season but he shouldn;t be judged on that alone as he's a much better player than he's shown. I see Spinazzola as more of a LWB so it's going to be interesting to see how he adapts to playing as a pure LB. I think we need to plan ASAP for Sandro's staying or leaving.

Caldara is the first player in some time that I am really really excited to have at Juve. More than flashy midfielders or potent strikers, I love good defensive signings and Mattia looks like a future Italian great - the kind of defender that forms the backbone of both club and country. Caldara should be allowed to jump straight into the starting XI and hit the ground running - he has the grinta needed to be a Juve great

Claudio: Totally agree, he has been great for Atalanta and has so much experience both in Serie A and now in the Europa League that I think he will be able to slide right in.

Now let’s get to the main event - is Cristiano Ronaldo wearing a Juventus kit in August?

JuveFC: No.

Honestly, I find it so hard to believe he would come to Juve. The money involved is just ridiculous and it doesn’t feel in keeping with the Juve ethos.

Only way I can see it happening is if the management have decided to really invest big and try and get a big name player to boost the clubs profile and finally win us the CL

Claudio: No chance at all or do you think there is a little bit of a chance? I have to admit when the Spanish media were reporting it I thought it was complete BS, but now credible Italian media are saying that they are really thinking about it. Because here is the thing for me. I have argued this with others because some juventini I know have said why would they spend this much on Ronaldo and not someone younger who has their best years ahead of them. I think Juventus will only invest this in Ronaldo because they know he would make it back for them.

JuveFC: I see it like this: If they want to spend big on him, tie it in with FIAT in some way, sponsorship deals and the like, there is every chance they would recoup the investment, provided they didn't have any major outlays in the next two seasons, combined with a sale here and there as well. Beyond that, I see this as CR7 having been thrust out of the limelight of the WC, desperate to stay in the spotlight. He knows he needs to motivate Real, so what better way than to entertain a Juve offer. At some stage in this process, Real will sit him down and probably match or slightly improve the supposed Juve offer, and he'll go back to Madrid like a conquering hero - all the attention back on him.

I know it's a cynical take, but i can’t entertain the thought of Juve, who are typically so shrewd with their investing, spending a small fortune on one player while neglecting the part of the team that needs the most work. Would they also risk turning the dressing room, which seems to exist very harmoniously, into 10 men and Ronaldo, who would earn 5 times the salary as some of the others? it seems hard to believe.

Claudio: I can definitely see him using Juventus as leverage for a better contract with Real, he has done that before of course, but can’t help but get excited for Serie A and hope it does happen. You are exactly right about a locker room that would make much less than him, it would probably be a problem, but he is Cristiano Ronaldo and I can’t even imagine the number of jerseys that would see on day one after he signed, so that’s how they could justify it.

JuveFC: It would be insane if it happened, but I won’t believe it yet.

Claudio: Also, part of me thinks Juve is trying to make a statement to the league. Inter has made some great, high profile signings including taking Asamoah away. Napoli have hired a huge name in Ancelotti and are going to make signings. Roma have already made 9 new signings. I think Juve is trying for this to show that they are still the best and most attractive team in Italy on the pitch and in the mercato.

JuveFC: No doubt, I really believe that could be the reason for it, should it happen would be huge for Serie A as a whole.

Claudio: Absolutely, as you know I’m not juventino but having Ronaldo in Italy would be tremendous for everyone.

Thanks for your time Rav! I had fun with the Ronaldo stuff hope you enjoyed it.

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