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Nainggolan joins Inter...but why?

Radja Nainggolan started his journey off in Italy, with a team named Cagliari. After many seasons, El Ninja proved his value to the Serie A world and was wanted by every team. The Belgian had one goal though, to de throne Juventus of their reign. So he chose to go with Roma instead of Juventus or anyone else, and so began the beautiful love affair the two had. Rome accepted him like he was one of their own from the get go, with all the passion and heart he demonstrated, it was hard not too; mix that in with all the stuff he said about Juve to slander them and Lazio. It was a match made in heaven.

Fast forward to the present date, a new guy that goes by the name of Monchi is at the helm of all transfers; former Roma player Eusebio Di Francesco is their coach. Radja is coming off one of his most average seasons to date, and is getting a lot of negative press about his “personal life”. After it’s rumoured a few times Nainggolan has breached his contract with his certain habits, Monchi and Di Francesco decided to cut ties with the Belgian. Respecting him on a personal level, he wanted to remain in Italy, which they granted and sold him to rivals Inter(who also have Roma’s old coach).

So the question a lot are asking, what does this move mean for Roma? Realistically, nothing. With the likes of Brian Cristante, Javier Pastore, Ante Coric. Roma have done their bit to likely replace him, although a prime Nainggolan is like combining Cristante and Pastore, sometimes you have to deal with the cards your dealt. Roma also landed Santon and Inter youngster Zainolo with the addition of €24m. Not a bad deal for an aging player coming off a rather poor-ish season.

The better question - what does this move mean for Ninja, who found a home in Rome, who’s heart is in Rome. He’s a hard headed individual, after releasing a photo on Instagram stating “sometimes you aren’t in control of the end” everyone realized it was a move that Roma felt they had to do and he didn’t want. The Belgian has since come back to Rome, trained with captain Daniele De Rossi - hung out in Trigoria(Roma’s training facility) and has been very much active on everything Roma, whether it’s a comment or simply him liking the pictures. Given his age and his mentality, Ninja won’t want to adapt to life in Milano, and life with Inter. Their only saving grace is that he has previously worked with Spaletti.

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