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Calcio Bag - July 6th, 2018

It's a very hot edition of the Calcio Bag, as the World Cup and transfer market are both really heating up. Once again, thanks to all who have submitted questions. If you have a question and would like to participate, please tweet or DM me @CPerfetto11, or email calciobag@gmail.com. Let's get to it...

"What is the update on Lucas Torreira's move to Arsenal?" This came from Zoltan via email and @austinesmith28 via Twitter

So it is not official yet, but it seems like the Torreira move to Arsenal is all but complete. Sampdoria's sporting director and owner have both stated publicly that move was going to happen. In addition to this, they are about to sign what many see as his replacement in Jankto from Udinese. My colleague Dean (@ArsenalNexus) on Cloud Sports also spoke to a friend of the Torreira family and he stated the move would happen as well (You can read that here). My guess is that the deal has not be made official and public yet strictly because of Torreira's commitment to Uruguay in the World Cup. They just lost to France and are out of the competition, so I would expect an announcement early next week.

"What is the latest on Reiss Nelson's contract situation?" From @Theconnordeal via Twitter DM

I have asked Dean about this as well, since he follows Arsenal very closely. There was talk and growing confidence that Nelson would sign an extension with the club a few months ago, but things have been very quiet lately. There seems to be confidence that Aaron Ramsey and Nelson will renew, but there is no concrete news on those fronts at the moment.

"What is the latest on Everton's transfer market? Any updates on Kieran Tierney & Mina?" From @LukeWelsh10 via Twitter DM

Another one I have to defer to my great colleagues at Cloud Sports. Sam (@CSportsFootball) knows much about this situation. On Tierney it will be a difficult deal because Celtic are trying to get a premium price for him and it is currently not clear as to whether or not Everton are willing to pay. There haven't been many substantiated links to Mina either at this time, however, L'Equipe (among others) have reported that Everton have a deal in place for Rennes defender Remy Bensebaini for 15 million euros.

"What is your take on Cristiano Ronaldo's possible move to Juventus?" Joseph sent via email

This is an interesting topic, and one that came out of no where. My take is that it would be great for Juventus and Serie A. Italy hasn't had a top player of Ronaldo's caliber since Kaka in 2007. That was really the last time they had a legit challenger for the Ballon d'Or. It would be a great move for Italian football. As far as the move happening, I am still a bit skeptical. It seems as if Juventus is ready to do this, they have studied the finances for the move and are ready to pay Real Madrid and Ronaldo, however, until Ronaldo actually leaves it's hard to believe it will happen. He has done this before and remained at Real once they offered him a new, rich contract. This seems a bit different, because for once there is a club waiting for him with a concrete offer. That seemed to be lacking over the past few summers. It will be interesting to see how it goes down but I would be excited to see Ronaldo play in Serie A.

"Could we see Alex Sandro move to Manchester United or Matteo Darmian move back to Italy?" Mark via email

I just spoke to @Juvefcdotcom to get his take on Ronaldo and also asked him about Alex Sandro (You can read that here). Things have been very quiet on that front. Juventus need Sandro at the moment as they lost Asamoah to Inter and their younger replacement, Leonardo Spinazzola, will be out for the beginning of the season due to injury. If they sell Sandro, they will be extremely thin at left-back. They just signed Joao Cancelo for right-back so I could see them parting with Sandro and signing Darmian as a reliable, solid left-back, but not someone who offers a tremendous amount in attack. They also have Mattia De Sciglio to play on both sides, but again, he is not going to offer much in attack.

As far as Darmian, there has always been reports of Juventus being interested in the player, and he seems like the type of signing Juventus makes. A talented Italian who didn't live up to his potential abroad, and could use a return to Italy. Inter are also said to be interested in the player. I could see Darmian leaving United for sure this summer, and if Juventus did decide to sell Sandro this could have swap deal written all over it.

"Does Milan's financial issues mean players like Bonucci or Romagnoli could join United?" Chris via email

I don't think Milan are looking to sell players at the moment. The Europa League is not viewed as such a prestigious competition that players will now want to leave. If it were the Champions League, it would be a different story, but that's not the case. Romagnoli just signed an extension and salary increase with Milan, so it's very difficult to see him leave. Bonucci, on the other hand, could ask for a transfer if he wants to return to the Champions League. Milan will also likely need to make a big sale in order to satisfy FFP, so Bonucci would be the one who is suffered. It would be strange to see him leave after just one year, especially after they made him captain, but the possibility is there. Last summer, reports suggested Bonucci didn't want to join Manchester City because he didn't want to leave Italy for personal reasons, so if this is still the case it will be hard to see him leave.

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