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Football. Just read this word and inside a fraction of the second, a lot of other concepts, phrases and ‘a world’ of things related to this word. Football is a mixture of two words ‘foot’ and ‘ball’. This is the evident part of it. In this article, I want to give my viewpoint about how people should see this ‘magical game’.

About football’s history, according to FIFA, football’s earliest from is ‘cuju’, a Chinese game, which literally means ‘kick ball’. There are also other evidences, such as the Greek games Phaininda and episkyros.

However, the real shape of football was born in England, with the first football team – Sheffield F.C. (1857) and the first trophy existing is the famous and widely-known FA Cup (1872), which has successfully maintained its importance and value nowadays.

But, up to now, I haven’t still ‘touched’ the main part of this script. So, I haven’t given an answer to the question I posed at the title yet. Let’s start now. Football fans will get me in my viewpoint that we, so the football fans, often divide people around us in two big groups: Football fans and Non-Football fans, so people that don’t like or watch football. Also, there are a lot of people that still consider football only as a synonym to PE (Physical Education) or just running after a ball.

The fact that this comes from different reasons is quite clear and to be honest, this doesn’t usually come because of the person himself, but in a lot of countries, where not football in physical aspect, but the sportive culture has lacked, people haven’t been able to understand that football is a lot more than ‘running after a ball’.

Football is science. Football is art. Football is science and art at the same time. You don’t just only play football, you enjoy studying football, you enjoy coaching players, professionals or youngsters, you enjoy reporting football if you are a reporter, but you can surely enjoy knowing people and showing your social competence in the best way possible.

So, if we make a review, football means physicality, football means technique, football means quick decision-making on the ball, but there are a lot more off the pitch. Football means communication, football means showing your intellect, or better, using it to solve different sorts of situations. Football is intellect, bravery and cleverness.

Just look at the wide-range of tactics: There are a lot of styles, starting from Catenaccio and ending up at its contrary, Total Football. But when you study them, you can be able to compare them. Style, philosophy, pressing, counter-pressing, numerical superiority, channel, possession, staggering, lines etc. are only a very little number of the key-words that are part of the football as science.

However, about football as art, we should agree that the possession-based, attacking teams, with elements from Total Football, who always entertain are the main sources of art nowadays. And certainly, the sophistications, level of thinking and intellect, the amount of creativity, talent and fun that appear are massive and together they give a ‘beautiful painting’, which is mixture of all of these characteristics on the pitch.

Now, to sum up, I want to say that people should soon realize that football is the most beautiful game in the world, because it’s not only reliant on physical features, but it’s a science in itself and has numerous dimensions of art.

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