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Christian Pulisic joins Chelsea. Right move from the Blues?

Christian Pulisic, Chelsea's first signing of 2019 for £57.6m has raised many questions on whether is it a good deal or a bad one? Many Chelsea fans are afraid it will affect the development of upcoming star Callum Hudson-Odoi which I disagree as they play in a different position, and see the player replacing Pedro/Willian as they are both over 30 years old. They are also doubtful about his current form as he doesn’t play as much and have referred him to the American Willian due to his goals ratio. I must admit, I had a similar mindset when I first heard the rumour before realising his 20 years old, Sarri can adapt him into a better player that can score more goals over time. I totally understand the market, football is a business and as an accountant, this move makes so much sense to why Chelsea have done it. You must think the fee is crazy for a player that has less than 2 years left on his contract, I totally agree with this but Chelsea either did not want the competition from Liverpool in the summer for free or are preparing for a contingency plan if a transfer ban comes in. Yes, I know news outlets disagree and have told us Chelsea said it isn’t but why would a club admit that? Time will tell. Chelsea will easily make the money back through sales and marketing in America as he is currently one of the most rated players in the country so its a win win for both Chelsea and Dortmund in the long run. I will not lie to you, Pulisic was not my first choice but the fact that he has not kicked a ball for the club, many have written him off already which is not the right mindset. Personally, I think Chelsea are worried about FIFA maybe giving them a ban so they are buying the players that they need in January as they prepare for next season, a bunch of players are reported to be leaving too leaving with Marina in talks with a decent of money to get the players Sarri needs. Sarri says he needs a winger, so why have we loaned him back out? If we did not, Dortmund wanted £80m immediately. Overall, from marketing i understand this move, i do not think we should judge him before he plays a season but to me, yet again it shows the lack of ambition to be a massive club like we were with Drogba, Cole, Lampard, Terry where we challenged for everything, who knows, maybe from other signings if they happen I could see some but at this second no, this is why I will back managers like Conte and Mourinho with Sarri soon against the board when Sarri doesn’t have the right players he needs for his system. Welcome to Chelsea, Christian Pulisic. Follow me on all platforms - Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram at @WorldWideChels 

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