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Juventus FC - January Transfer Window Special

We sat down with @juvefcdotcom to go through the January Transfer Window for the Turin giants...

It’s that time of year again, the January transfer window has well and truly opened! Naturally there’s been a lot rumours flying around. But what would you deem a successful window for Juventus?

@Juvefcdotcom: I think after the summer we just had, anything in winter would be a bonus! Signing Ronaldo in the summer, securing Cancelo as well.....there's little need for anything right now except a midfielder, and that looks to be resolved for the summer as well

There have been widespread reports that Arsenal’s out-of-contract midfielder Aaron Ramsey is likely to be heading to Turin. What are your thoughts on Ramsey as a potential signing? Right move for Juventus?

@Juvefcdotcom: He is certainly the type of midfielder we need - someone that can connect things with the attack, score goals, provide assists. He's not a big, flashy name but he is certainly in the right mould in terms of the characteristics we need - the concerns are really about his fitness as we need someone we can rely on, going forward. I think it's a risky move but i'm curious to see how he adapts and fits in to Serie A

Would you see Aaron Ramsey as a regular starter? Or do you think he’s likely to be a squad member?

@Juvefcdotcom: I think there are so many variables - Does Khedira stay? Is Allegri still in charge? Will we still use a 3-man midfield? Assuming that Max is still in charge, I could see us using something like a 4-3-1-2 with Ramsey perhaps being the one to play on the right of the 3-man mid or perhaps even higher up as a trequartista type - We have ball winners and bruisers but we need someone that can play with a little freedom to create chances for us - That's what we need Ramsey for but much will depend on how he does in those early months and where he plays best

Just a quick side not then, you mentioned Allegri. Does the fact that signings for the summer are being made now indicate that Allegri’s future remains with Juventus?

@Juvefcdotcom: It could be, but I think the club has always worked to sign players they think could bring value to the club and less so players that the manager specifically wants - there's been a few exceptions, but not many, I think the Ramsey move is more because of the economic aspect of him being available for free and fitting a role we need as opposed to Max asking for him

Other than Ramsey then, do you believe we will see any more business from Juventus this month? Outgoings included?

@Juvefcdotcom: I think Sturaro is almost certain to go to Genoa, probably on loan by the looks of it. Other than that, I think we might be agreeing the Sturaro loan in order to get a deal agreed for Cristian Romero - It's the kind of deal we've done in recent years, signing a promising talent while we can then leaving them on loan to develop for a season or two. It's had mixed results but Romero looks promising. the only other name that has been linked is Francisco Trincao who we've been following since before the summer - That deal seems to be between solely between us and Braga with no other teams sniffing around so it looks promising. Beyond that, i think the team will remain as it is and no one else will leave or join

Doesn’t seem as if Juventus require too much business! There have been a few reports linking Douglas Costa to England, more specifically Manchester United. Do you see any chance of this deal going ahead?

@Juvefcdotcom: I really doubt it - he was important last season and made a huge impact. He's struggled for minutes this season but Juve spent a lot on him and i'm sure Allegri sees him as a player that will eventually play regularly, perhaps more so in the league as we focus on Europe this year. He hasn't given any indication that he's unhappy and i think the only way he will leave is if he specifically asks the club.

Just a final word on the likely new signing Aaron Ramsey then, in one word, good or bad signing?

@Juvefcdotcom: Kind of an......ok signing! I think it's an okay deal, probably more beneficial than not, but we need to wait and see.

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