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Suárez to Arsenal back on - announcement imminent.

Denis Suárez to Arsenal is looking increasingly likely to be back on now, after several outlets both in Spain and England have reported that he has agreed to sign a one year extension with the Catalan club in order to bring his loan at Arsenal to fruition.

As I brought to you last week, Barcelona and Arsenal had agreed to make the purchase clause within the loan contract optional, as opposed to mandatory, so long as Suárez signed a contract extension incase Arsenal didn't take up the permanent offer. Initially Denis refused to do this and it was reported Barça had then tried to sell him to Real Betis and allegedly had been doing this right up until yesterday, with Suárez refusing at every opportunity, maintaining his desire to join Emery at Arsenal.

Then suddenly within the last few hours word has emerged that Suárez has indeed signed an extension with the Spanish team and is now due to travel to London for his medical and to sign his contract. 

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