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What are your thoughts on Liverpool’s CB VVD, scoring more premier league goals (3)than Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez(2), who coincidentally is the highest paid forward in PL history? 

Of course what’s happened to Alexis Sanchez since arriving to Manchester United has been bizarre to say the very least. 

He’s had flashes of brilliance but has failed to put together a run of games. He has largely looked a shadow of his former self since arriving at Old Trafford. Now United seem to be struggling to explain his large wage as they look to tie down David De Gea to a new deal. Sanchez’s wage has set an unhealthy precedent at the club and they are certainly paying for it as they negotiate a new deal with David De Gea.

What is your thoughts on whether VAR will be any improvement after the appalling decision for Real? 

VAR has certainly divided opinions since its introduction. It was never going to be smooth sailing when something this significant was being introduced into the game. VAR certainly has its flaws and one can hope as time goes on we will adjust to it and so will the officials! In my eyes, VAR should only interfere when there has been a clear and obvious error, if used like that then it can certainly be a success.

Who do you think will win the Champions League and the Europa League and why? 

This is a tough one! So the Europa League first, I really can’t look past Napoli. They’ve got the strongest squad in the completion, their manager knows how to win in Europe and I just think his know-how will let Napoli edge their rivals.

Champions League? Now this is almost unpredictable. There hasn’t really been a stand-out team in Europe this season. Real Madrid’s powers are waning and my previous favourites Juventus could be heading out of the tournament already. If I had to pick, I’d go for Barcelona. I know they haven’t been the same Barcelona in the last few seasons but with Messi on the form he is it’s hard to look past them. The little magician will inspire his side to Champiojs League glory! 

Is Ozil in Emerys plans for the future and if not who will replace him? 

The treatment of Mesut Ozil under Unai Emery has been nothing short of a disgrace. Arsenal put Bournemouth to the sword this past week with Ozil reinstated to the side. He’s one of their best players and has to be playing. But unfortunately I don’t think Emery is keen on him. And unless something changes I expect him to leave this summer. In terms of a replacement, I really don’t know. A lot of names have been linked to Arsenal but it remains to seen which direction they will go with. One of our writers @ArsenalNexus is usually on top of all things Arsenal related so make sure you are following him to stay updated! 

Thanks to ‪@SPhi27, ‪@marissatom16, ‪@gunner_x49 and ‪@kingadingdong ‬ for the brilliant questions! Start getting your questions in now for next Friday! 

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