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Juventus 3-0 Atletico Madrid: Post-Match Thoughts + More with @Juvefcdotcom

So what were your initial thoughts on the game? Allegri and Juventus surprised us all..

It was remarkable. I'm still a little in awe of the dominance that Juve displayed, they had such a level of control in that game, allowed Atelti to create next to nothing, and were clinical with their chances. I can;t help but feel Max literally went over even possible scenario, studied every facet of Atelti's game, and found a way to nullify it. From using the pace of Spinazzola and Cancelo on the flanks to whip in crosses for Ronaldo and Mandzukic, to having Emre Can sitting in as a right sided CB to give the full backs more license to get forward......a tactical masterclass from a reactive coach who can mix it with the best of them.

On Allegri then, I know we’ve spoke about his future before, does Tuesday night change how you see his future at the club?

I think it has to. I know people were very sceptical about his attitude and approach to the games this season - the running joke was that we would see the best Juventus in March as this is when he has his teams primed. In all honesty, I think people need to take back some of the abuse that was leveled at him. Granted, we stuttered a little and the performances weren't great, but in 5 years, he's taken Juve further in every department than any others have. He's got Juve peaking exactly when they need to and has them working efficiently. Not only that, but he's helped us build an almost unassailable lead in the league to the point where we can afford to rest big players and rotate heavily because the fringe players are all experienced enough to step in. I had my doubts, and i am one of his most ardent supporters, and he proved even me wrong. I think he has to remain at Juve now as he has shown that there are few better than him out there at the moment.

I don’t think we can mention Tuesday night without mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo? Thoughts on his performance and general impact since he’s arrived?

He has been incredible. I think, as is often the case, when you have a new signing, you start to take them for granted a little as the months go by. He has had such a huge impact in the league and now, in the CL, and that's exactly why we wanted him. To be able to decide those tight games where you need a difference maker - someone who can step up and lead by example. He feeds his teammates the confidence and desire to win, they feed him that same thing and together, they did something utterly remarkable against Atletico. You simply can't downplay the impact he's had and the thing that i keep going back to is: there isn't another club who has a ethos and mentality quite like Juve and Ronaldo matches that, and he has done for so much of his career. It's a shame he didn't arrive sooner, but the impact he's having now is beyond goals, assists or shirt sales. It transcends the pitch and it's made the team believe in something again. that performance on Tuesday only typified exactly why he's one of the greatest players of all time - he can drag a team over the finish line, almost single handedly.

Who would you like Juventus to draw in the Quarter-Finals?

The easiest team possible! No disrespect to any of the other sides, but i want the team to have an easier path this time round. There was a point when i would have said i would take anyone as we have to beat the best, but now, i would prefer we draw someone like Porto in order to have a real chance of progressing. They're no pushovers and i watch them on occasions and see the resilience they have, but i would prefer to play them over the likes of Barca and City.

Draw aside, how you do assess Juventus’s chances in the competition? Can you win it? Will you win it?

Until it's over, I always believe we can win it. There was a stale sort of feeling this season, possibly a hangover from the Madrid game last season, losing Gigi and Claudio, the problems with the ultras. This performance gave us the right kind of pick me up and i would hope it can carry us all the way to the final. If we can get a favourable draw and play as we did on Tuesday, we can win it at last. Still early days and a long way to go, but I am confident in this team.

Will Allegri’s future be dependent on champions league success?

I think Allegri's success will be dependent on Allegri! The club are more than aware of his abilities and they know what a gem we have. Many other professionals in the game heap praise on him because they know how difficult it is to sustain success, to innovate, to keep 25 men motivated while balancing and juggling their ego's and assorted problems. If he were to leave, i wouldn't be surprised as this season he has taken a lot of the criticism and blame, some of it warranted, but a lot of it has been reactionary and in part, fueled by social media (which is an abomination at times). I think he will meet with Agnelli at the end of the season and talk about the plan for the next season and then make a decision. I don't think it will depend on anything other than that meeting between the two of them.

Sure this will create debate but Messi or Ronaldo?

It's like asking which parent i love more ! I think the easiest way to answer is to say that these two players are so utterly unique that it's almost impossible to compare them, beyond the stats. They do different things, play in a different way, in different positions with different roles. Messi can create something out of nothing because he has a natural talent - Ronaldo has worked tirelessly to raise his levels to the same extent - What Ronaldo did on Tuesday, Messi may not have been able to. I'm not talking just goals, i'm talking about lifting those around you - your teammates, the supporters, the management - he makes you believe because of his sheer confidence and inability to give in. I simply couldn't separate the two but i am so grateful to watch the pair over the years and see their healthy rivalry develop. I think the ideal situation would be for Juve to break the bank and bring in Leo for his final season and let him and Cris play alongside each other ;)

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