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Due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to publish the answers to your questions in our weekly post. But fear not, we have all the answers to your burning questions below.....

Hi I am a man utd fan and I am wondering who are we most likely to sign this summer - / Who do you see mufc signing heard any transfer news? @tconnolly95 @JarredNoake

It's never easy predicting what Manchester United will do at the best of times, especially not now given the uncertainty over so many of their first team players. It really is anything goes this summer for Manchester United. They are braced for one of their biggest summer transfer window in years. The likes of Bruno Fernandes, Declan Rice, Jadon Sancho, Kalidou Koulibaly, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Raphael Varane are all said to be on United's list for the window.

In terms of likelihood, that remains unclear. Declan Rice seems the most doable deal however West Ham are likely to demand a large fee for the young midfielder. United's priority seems to be a Centre-Back, a midfielder and a Right Winger. Most likely? Sancho is the preferred RW target, Rice seems a likely deal and Koulibaly is said to be the club's first choice Centre-half signing (assuming Varane isn't available.)

Do you see the Saudis taking over at United? What are your opinions on the subject? - @EdBateman84

This is another difficult one. Do I see the Glazers selling United any time soon? The short answer to that is no. There is a belief that the Glazers are currently the most open they have been to a potential sale since they took over the club. The Saudis would have no issue in finding the financial sums for the club and are said to be keen on acquiring a club whether that be Manchester United or even another club.

Frankly, United are a commercial machine. They make the Glazers a lot of money and I really don't see them selling the club any time soon. In terms of my opinion on a potential purchase from the Saudis, it is difficult to not feel as if it would see United selling their sole somewhat. Naturally there would likely be an increased investment in the club which the fans would surely relish, however at what cost? I don't think the Glazers themselves are epitome of 'correct morals' however I do believe a Saudi takeover could risk the alienation of a large proportion of the club's fanbase.

Besides new signings, you reckon Herrera should stay? - @nikolashubert

Ander Herrera's future has certainly stirred up a lot of debate. Is Herrera replaceable? Yes. Should United be held to ransom and pay Herrera £200,000 a week? No. So is it the right decision? Well, given United's struggles of recent years, Ander Herrera has been one of the few players that has demonstrated a real understanding of the club. A big-game performer who is passionate about the club and is popular with the fans, perhaps one would argue that these factors are irrelevant when it comes to deciding whether he deserves a £200,000 a week contract. One thing that is for certain however, is that there is no way that Ander Herrera should be one of the first names heading for the exit door at Manchester United. Jones, Smalling and Young have all been rewarded with new contracts but arguably are far less deserving than Herrera.

Ozil to Liverpool, thoughts? -@kingadingdong

Mesut Ozil to Liverpool is a non-starter in my opinion. Whilst there remains the possibility that he may leave Arsenal this summer, there aren't many teams who could afford the German's large wages. Plus, I don't really see him as a Jurgen Klopp type player. It would be difficult to see where Ozil would fit in to this current Liverpool side and it is unlikely Arsenal would wish to sell to one of their big-six rivals either.

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