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What can we expect from Manchester United?

We sat down with @hesham786 to discuss all things United...

So first of all, what have you made of United’s window?

Hesham: Really disappointing. They’ve sorted out the defence which is great to see after so long but neglected every other area of the pitch. After spending £130m on the defence, I’m really baffled at how the squad has got worse in general still. Losing 2 midfielders and your £80m striker without replacing them is just suicidal planning.

A major rebuild was promised. And simply hasn’t been delivered. Why do you think this has happened? And who do you believe United fans will hold accountable for yet another failed window?

Hesham: Think the fans will and should point the finger firstly at the Glazers no doubt. As it stands, United have earned £1.2billion over the last 2 seasons and barely any of it has been reinvested. A net spend of around £60m combined with other sides like Everton and Villa spending huge, there’s no excuses for a club of this magnitude.

The failure to appoint a sporting director is criminal. Accountability also has to fall on the negotiation team whether it be Ed Woodward or Matt Judge, their delays in wrapping up deals has cost us getting as many players in as we would’ve liked.

As a United fan yourself, if you could communicate a message to the Glazers/Ed Woodward what would you say?

Hesham: If you have any integrity in keeping your name and reputation in good repute, please step down or leave your roles. Manchester Untied is a football club not a business, in such positions of incredible responsibility, allow the fans to be able to enjoy football and invest in the team. Success on the pitch will bring more success off it.

What can we expect from United fans this season? Will there be large scale protests?

Hesham: Expect very inconsistent performances, youngsters dazzling and then disappointing. Unfair to expect so much from them. 5th or 6th at best.

No, there wont be, even under David Moyes at best its a plane banner flying over. Its a shame majority of match-going fans don't realise how bad the condition is and blindly go along with the Glazers.

Is there any positivity United fans can take in to the new season?

Hesham: There are a few. Firstly, there is now a recognisable brand of football, a high-energy, high pressing side full of pace and youth which is great to finally see. Defensively, the team should be a lot more assured now with two very good additions particularly Wan-Bissaka. Also the fact that we may see breakout seasons for the likes of Angel Gomes and Mason Greenwood is exciting because United fans know they have massive potential waiting to be fulfilled.

Finally, will Ole last the season?

Hesham: It all depends on his luck I would say. Given how wafer-thin the squad is, if there are a few key injuries the results could genuinely be disastrous very fast and make a sacking just a matter of time. If he manages to keep the likes of Pogba, Martial and Rashford injury-free, he will make it through the season for sure because it wont reach disaster-levels despite possibly missing Top 4.

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