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Alisson - Is it just hype, or is he the real deal?

Alisson Becker - the Brazilian shot stopper who began his goalkeeping voyage with Internacional and made a cameo appearance in Italy playing for Roma.

Two years ago, Alisson came to the giallorossi for €8 million. After spending his first season playing second fiddle to Polish keeper Woljeich Szczesny, Alisson finally got his moment in the spotlight this year as Roma’s number one keeper.

Roma’s captain and longest serving player still active, Daniele De Rossi, came out in an interview and was quoted saying “when Roma bought a goalie for €8 million with no experience, I questioned everything about the deal. Now, Alisson is a phenomenon”

During Roma’s unbelievable champions league run, Alisson was one of the sole reasons Roma didn’t concede a goal at home, whether it was his ability off his line and how quick he pounced on a ball over the top, or just his complete composure when being faced with a shot for 7 yards away.

Alisson is the definition of the perfect modern goalkeeper; good with his feet, concentrated, good vision, speed, excellent positioning, amazing diving ability and lightning quick reflexes.

The Brazilian got the nod as Brazil’s first choice goalkeeper over the Manchester city goalie, Ederson; who also impressed with City this season.

As a Roma fan; it’s a hard pill to swallow seeing one of your top 3 players leave. But for Liverpool fans, be very excited about this deal. Although the price is a bit steep, it’s something you’ll look back on as one of your greatest investments.

Aside from the skill Alisson clearly has, the leadership and desire to always be better will be a big influence on other players as well. He’s a keeper that doesn’t take too kindly to defensive errors, and blunders made by the squad. Also, expect zero blunders from him and only the smartest decision making skills.

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