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Could Tolisso leave Bayern Munich?

We sat down with Michel Munger (@michelmunger) to discuss Tolisso‘s future...

What are your thoughts on Tolisso as a player?

MM: I like the playing style. He's the kind of central midfielder who brings strength and power to the game. He can be deadly when given a scoring chance, especially when he can shoot at range.

What has gone wrong for him at Bayern?

MM: Wrong may be considered as a strong word. Tolisso was out of action from September 2018 to March 2019 with a cruciate ligament rupture, a major injury that means delicate surgery and recovery. He also had an ankle surgery in April 2020, sending him back to rehab.

Between those two events, Tolisso had to share playing time with a crowded midfield that includes Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka (the closest to his style), Thiago Alcantara and Javi Martinez. The first three are the go-to guys for Hansi Flick and anyone behind them will have a hard time earning playing minutes.

Therefore, it would be highly logical for Tolisso to look for a transfer to give new impulse to his career.

Would you be happy to see him go?

MM: Yes and no. I would see the transfer as a positive development for a talented guy who is 25 years old and who needs to play to accomplish anything. However, it's never fun when a promising guy packs his bags to leave Munich. If he does, I'll wish him the best.

What could he bring to potential new club?

MM: Versatility. Tolisso can play centrally, but he can drop back or occupy advanced positions as well. He can roam all around the pitch, on the left and on the right. He can bolster the defense and strengthen the attack.

Will Bayern need a replacement should he leave, if so, who would you like to see the club sign?

MM: I don't want the team to look for a replacement. The central midfield position has been overloaded since the Pep Guardiola era, and it's high time to streamline it. There's a young, talented and determined Michael Cuisance to be developed. Provided that Thiago signs a contract extension, there are five players competing for two spots. Four if Javi leaves. Adding anyone would re-create the overload.

How much could you see the player being sold for?

MM: The COVID-19 crisis will probably have an impact on player valuations and the market has yet to be tested. I don't think we can throw a number out there at the moment.

With that said, I rarely expect Bayern to make a fortune out of a transfer since it's not a selling club. When a player wishes to leave, the Bavarians accommodate his career choice instead of milking the cow dry for money.

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