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Everton v Manchester City: Postponed

Everton v Manchester City has been cancelled due to an outbreak of Covid-19 cases in the Manchester City camp. We sat down with Everton fan page @EvertonBlueArmy to get their reaction.

So what were your initial thoughts when the news broke that tonight’s game wouldn’t be going ahead?

EBA: It’s probably the right decision to stop COVID-19 spread and I’m not against it. I just feel for the 2,000 fans who were set to be going to the game who can’t now. Hopefully Everton can get it sorted for them at a later date.

It appears that Everton were not given clear details as to why the game was called off. Is there a sense of injustice here from an Everton perspective?

EBA: 100%. Look, I think Everton would probably be for the postponement to protect the players and staff, but it does feel a bit dodgy that Everton were not given a say. It was insinuated that the decision was agreed with the Premier League and both clubs, but it appears it was only agreed with the Premier League and one of the clubs. Everton clearly see it as an issue, so fingers crossed they can get some sort of explanation that they are after.

Do you agree with the current procedures in place? Some have argued that given the already congested season, perhaps a forfeit may have made more sense?

EBA: I think forfeiting the game would be a bit harsh, but when you see that Tottenham Hotspur received a bye when Leyton Orient forfeited the game for the same reason, it is a bit of a kick in the teeth. I think a postponement makes sense for all, though, and we’ll both probably have stronger squads for the rearranged game.

Certainly will have to keep an eye out for the rescheduled fixture. And finally just a quick point on Everton this season, how happy have you been with the club’s start to the season? And how far do you believe Everton can go this season?

EBA: This season has been great on the whole for Everton. We had a dip, but we’ve come out the other side, back to how we were at the start of the season. I’m not sure how many would’ve said Everton would be top 4 at Christmas. I think European football has to be the minimum for Everton now, top 6 at the very least. Anything less and they’ve blown it a bit.

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