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Fellaini set to leave United

Manchester United are in negotiations with a Chinese club over transfer of Marouane Fellaini.

The Belgiun international has certainly had a mixed time at Old Trafford. Whilst he has scored important goals for United, including the goal that sent them to the knockout stages of the Champions League, United fans have struggled to warm to him. With many viewing the big Belgiun as the epitome of United’s idendity crisis of the last few years.

With the new manager now focused on quick attacking football, Fellaini is unlikely to be considered a key part of the team going forward. A move to China may just suit all parties involved. The Chinese window closes on the 28th February, so there remains plenty of time to get the deal over the line.

Shandong Luneng are said to be the club in for the United midfielder. Being one of the highest earners at the club as well as being unlikely to be a part of the United team going forward, the deal makes complete sense and shouldn’t have too much in the way of obstacles.

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