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Gonzalo Higuain joins Chelsea on loan

Gonzalo Higuain joins Chelsea on loan!

Finally! A striker that Maurizio Sarri actually had wanted and got even if its on loan! In my eyes, the board are the bigger issue on signings and the managers don’t have a big say as we know – Higuain wanted to join in the summer as Sarri contacted him but the ‘Chelsea chiefs’ did not want him due to his age. Well, couple months later – he is here on loan, a bit too late? Regardless, he will improve our chances in reaching top 4 in the league, hopefully win the Europa League and Sarri’s first trophy – Carabao Cup final against Manchester City?

6 month loan initially but if he does well, it could be extended by 12 months or a permanent fee of around £32m? Not sure about the fee as he will be around 32 but for now, Chelsea have got a good deal and are showing small signs of backing Sarri.

Sarri really needed this, false 9 sometimes depresses me too much, relying on Hazard too much and when he does not score – people slate him like its his job up there. We have Higuain now where Kepa can actually kick the ball far for Higuain to link up with Hazard/Pedro.

Higuain has goals in him as we know in the past, he set the record in Serie A for the most goals for 36 in a Napoli team and Sarri has managed him in the past! Did you see him after the game against Tottenham? The passion, the hungriness is key and he seems very close Sarri with the pics after the game! Seems like he gets along with many already especially Hazard so I am very keen to see them play together.

As long as we get top 4, win Europa or Carabao – I am happy, the board and Sarri will need to work in the summer to the managers strengths for sarriball because lets be honest, it has not been there because of the average players in the team right now.

Good luck Higuain! I know you will give us those extra goals we need! Especially with the chances Giroud missed last night, we definitely need him.

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