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He's Real Madrid's latest big signing but who actually is Rodrygo?

Well firstly, who exactly is Rodrygo? Could you tell us more about him?

Paulo: Rodrygo is a 17-year old left winger who plays for Santos and who is set to join Real Madrid in the future. He has good speed, dribbling and finishing but he is not a new Neymar as Neymar is a more complete player, with a different mentality too.

In terms of young talent in world football where would you rank Rodrygo?

Paulo: He is ranked similarly to Vinicius Júnior, as one of the two most promising Brazilian players of his generation. It is however too early to know if he can reach the level Neymar has reached.

Why have Real Madrid spent so much on him? Is he worth the money?

Paulo: He is worth the money considering his talent and potential as in theory he could become one of the best in the world one day, but at the same time it is also a bet as given his age, nobody really knows for sure how good he can really become. The remaining time he will spend at Santos before moving to Real Madrid will help his development though.

What type of impact do you expect him to have at Real Madrid?

Paulo: If Rodrygo adapts well to Real Madrid and is employed correctly there, I expect him to eventually become a key player for the team. It's a complicated task though as Real Madrid have arguably the best team in the world and can easily sign other players if Rodrygo struggles.

Could we expect a call-up to the national team in the near future?

Paulo: I don't think he is ready for the national team yet, although he must be in Tite's radar. It is possible he will have chances soon given the hype and his reputation, but he needs at least another year of development to be really ready.

And finally, could you give us prediction on how you think the player will get on in Europe?

Paulo: I believe once he settles, is adapted to Real Madrid and is more mature, he will become one of the best players in Europe. The Spanish league will suit his style well, which should also help him become a top player.

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