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Liverpool v Manchester United - Match Preview

We caught up with Hesham (@hesham786) and Anthony Stonelake (@antstonelake @TheAnfieldTalk) to preview today’s monster clash between Liverpool and Manchester United.

Hesham gave us the Manchester United perspective whilst Anthony provided us with the Liverpool side of things.

Let‘s take a look at the teams.


Manchester United

How do you feel about today’s game?

Hesham: After seeing the XI, not too confident. Pogba is a great starting option but the lack of Bailly I feel is costly v a quick front 3.

Anthony: The importance of today's game cannot be understated. It's a throwback to title races gone by and it's definitely a strange feeling because it's been so long since Liverpool have played United with this much on the line.

How big is this game for both sides?

Hesham: I think it’s more of a must not lose for both, so it’ll be cagey.

Anthony: The game is definitely bigger for United in my opinion. Liverpool are a force at Anfield and Ole has tried to play down the effect of it and the quality of the Liverpool side in order to try and mitigate it. Nevertheless, it's always a huge game for both sides.

How do either side win today? Where are the key areas?

Hesham: Key areas will be full backs, Liverpool’s will push forward but United need to cope with the overload and use the pace we have to exploit the space in behind.

Anthony: Liverpool win by actually being able to create chances. That's where we've faltered in recent weeks. We've been stale in the final third but the change of formation and Thiago starting from the off should help us out.

Is this where we find out United’s true ability in terms of challenging for the title?

Hesham: If United put up a good solid showing, it’ll solidify their status as title challengers, they can’t embarrass themselves tofay for sure.

How big of a loss is Joel Matip today for Liverpool?

Anthony: Matip is a huge miss obviously, no-one wants to have to start someone out of position but we'll make do. I'm glad Henderson is playing over Williams and Phillips though because neither would really be up to the occasion of today.

Finally, what are your predictions for today?

Hesham: I can see a 1-1 draw. Don’t think there will be more than a goal in it if someone was to win it.

Anthony: And as for predictions? I'm going to go with 0-0 to be honest. There's nothing like a game being built up like this only to be a complete disappointment.

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