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Martin Ødegaard joins Arsenal on loan

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Martin Ødegaard is set to sign for Arsenal on a 6 month loan deal. But what will he bring to the team? We sat down with @DeanJamesAFC to discuss all things Martin Ødegaard...

What have you made of the signing?

Dean: Personally I think the signing of Martin Ødegaard is an extremely good one and shrewd too, given it was almost certain he was off to Real Sociedad to begin with. I remember when we wanted him at the Academy from SC Heerenveen, it was evident then he was a special talent.

Do you expect him to fit straight in to the starting XI?

Dean: I would like to think he will slot straight into the starting XI in general and so long as he’s fit, I can’t see why not. However for the first game against United, he’ll come off the bench in my opinion.

Would you have ideally liked to have seen some type of option to buy in the deal?

Dean: Absolutely, I think being able to get Ødegaard permanently at the end of the season would be a real coup. However as I understand it, just like with Ceballos, the two clubs will discuss at the end of the window. I can actually see us taking him permanently or at least on loan for a full season.

Some Arsenal fans have expressed concern on the possible affect this may have on Smith-Rowe, do you share their concerns?

Dean: No I don’t share those concerns at all. Ødegaard can play 7 and 8 although primarily a 10, therefore he can work alongside ESR or in rotation with him. Emile shouldn’t be expected to go through every game week in and week out, get burned out or injured, a creative-mid to help ease the burden on him was always a priority this window.

What do you believe Ødegaard brings to Arsenal that currently isn’t already at the club?

Dean: I feel Ødegaard is the kind of player that can split the channels and break the chains against those teams who cluster their third and sit back a lot. I also believe, despite certain reports about what Zidane doesn’t like, Ødegaard has the work rate to get back and help out the defence if needed.

He’ll bring the much needed flare that I feel Gooners have missed for a while at the club as well and definitely the numbers.

Can Arsenal still make the top four? If not, what would you consider a successful season?

Dean: Everybody is talking about Arsenal “being in a relegation fight” yet ignoring the fact that they’re closer to the top 4 (7pts), than the relegation zone (15pts) and win against Southampton that drops to only 4pts. So yes I definitely believe Arsenal can still make the top 4, having said that I think any kind of European spot would be successful given everything.

What have you made of the Mesut Ozil situation?

Dean: I’ve made my feelings known about the Mesut Özil situation a lot on Social Media so I won’t go into it, too much. It was never to do with comments he made late in 2019 though and there’s a lot out there that journalists are slowly briefing about, that went on in this last eighteen months. As a player though, he’s one of the best we’ve ever had in the modern game and his contribution to our successes over the last seven years will never be forgotten.

Finally, how do you see Ødegaard’s loan move going at the club?

Dean: I see Ødegaard’s loan being very successful, I see him doing very well for us and as I mentioned earlier, sticking around for the future too.

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