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Real Madrid and Manchester United are in negotiations for Raphael Varane

Real Madrid, Manchester United and Varane are already negotiating

The Spanish club are unable to renew the World Cup champion, who is in talks with the English team. The figures requested and offered, still distant.

It is very possible that Raphael Varane (28 years old) is living his last weeks as a Real Madrid player. His contract ends in 2022, so this summer is key for his future. The club's priority is to get the center back to renew, a task that is getting longer and more complicated as the days go by.

This scenario has caused Real Madrid to share their attention with a second objective: if Varane does not renew, as has been feared in the offices of the entity for months, he must leave before September. In the current context, with a worrying economic crisis, at the Santiago Bernabéu they want to avoid at all costs that the defender leaves for free next summer.

Thi latter is an unviable outcome, since the parties understand that it would entail straining relations in a way that is not appropriate thinking on everything that has been built over a decade. Varane is very grateful to Real Madrid, the club that bet on him when he was a teenager and that catapulted him into the elite, so if he says goodbye, it will be in the most chivalrous way possible. Florentino Pérez has expressed this same desire recently: Rapha is considered by the board as a legend forged in the White House and as such it is intended to take care of its eventual sale.

At Real Madrid or Manchester United, Varane will earn more money

There are several clubs that have controlled the ‘Varane Case’ in recent times, aware that his contractual situation was interesting in order to sign him. For the still Madridista, PSG, Chelsea and Manchester United have shown interest. United are the best placed to get him out of Spain. In Manchester, where Pau Torres is also a lot liked (his release clause is 65 million), the Frenchman would contribute, beyond his football qualities, with experience and a winning gene.

Real Madrid have been informed about the contacts between Manchester United and their player, who joined in 2020 the representation agency CAA Base, which have a lot of power and links in the English market. Negotiations between the clubs, which maintain an excellent deal, require patience: the Spanish team would agree to the sale for 70 million euros, a figure that they know will not reach the English, who are thinking of an operation of about 40 million euros more variables. They are the first data of an agreement still in its embryonic stage.

The conversations of the Old Trafford team and the Varane are straightforward, based on good harmony. The economic factor, as with Real Madrid, is secondary: whatever he chooses, Varane will see his emoluments significantly increased. He really wants to be in a powerful project that excites him day by day. He is also drawn to an experience in a new league. It already happened to him in 2019, with PSG, above all, and Manchester United, although it did not transcend, around him. However, the return of Zidane and the fact that the team did not win a title that season convinced him to continue.

Since then, Varane has added trophies to his spectacular record. He accumulated 18 and has within his reach the historical record of 23 trophies achieved by Francisco Gento. To overcome him, the French would have to sign until 2025 or 2026; the duration of the extension and the rest of the details would be studied in depth if the footballer chooses to stay. Right now he listens to all parties, with United very well positioned and the Real Madrid track still alive; weak, but alive…

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