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United blitz City title hopes

So first of all, sum up the Derby? Did you see it coming?

Hesham: I actually did think we’d get a draw because of City’s defensive issues and our form v the Top 6 but never thought we could win this.

It was the perfect side for United’s attackers to face. Pace against a depleted, slow defence. They were utterly devastating on the counter.

An argument has been made that due to a lack of quality United struggle to break down the smaller sides. Results/performances like this surely will give confidence that when Ole does bring the right men in he can build something really positive?

Hesham: Yeah of course confidence will go through the roof! Issue is our team struggles to have the creativity to break down smaller sides, Pogba back soon could help things though.

Can’t comment whether this is a short term burst or something special for the future but can guarantee the United fans don’t care about that for now. Right now we are absolutely buzzing!

Where does this leave United’s season? They are now actually only 5 points off the top four!

Hesham: Yeah it’s astonishing. Shows how bad everyone else in the league bar Liverpool and Leicester have been.

If we step up in smaller games with pogba back, maybe a Top 4 push is possible! United are actually closer to City now than City are to Liverpool! What do United need to do from now till the end of the season? Do they need to buy in January?

Hesham: United need to buy a central midfielder badly. To replace Matic and add depth. Pereira coming in regularly is a joke for a club of our size and ambition.

Another forward is desperately needed. Right wing or striker, we need another source of goals for sure.

They need to step up their game in lesser fixtures and build momentum. Keep it close to Top 4 by April / March then we have a chance.

In an ideal January, realistically what would you like to see United do? Hesham: One of Sancho or Haland and a holding midfielder. Not sure who’s available in that position, along as we avoid Rice, I’ll be happy.

Just finally then, he’s faced a lot of criticism but after this week, is it time people showed some patience with Ole?

Hesham: As I said before, yes this buys him time and patience with fans will come with performances like this.

Need to string about 5-6 of these games and then everyone will be behind him.

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