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When could we see Liverpool lift the title?

After months without action due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Premier League hiatus is finally set to end on June 17th.

Clubs are ready to complete the campaign over a short period of time, with contests taking place virtually every single day until 38 matches have been played by all 20 sides.

Liverpool's restart looks set to be different, though, as rather than each fixture building towards an eventual climax at the end of the season - the Reds are likely to achieve their primary goal in the opening couple of weeks.

Jurgen Klopp's men are 25 points clear from second-placed Manchester City, having lost only once from a possible 29. As a result, the Anfield club need just two wins in order to secure their first Premier League title since England's top-flight was rebranded in 1992.

Liverpool face Everton at Goodison Park first, followed by Crystal Palace at Anfield. Nobody knows for certain, but it's reasonable to suggest that Klopp's outfit will officially win the league on one of those two days.

Pep Guardiola's side are amongst the first teams back in action, as City face Arsenal on the Wednesday before most other teams take to the field - due to the game in hand that remained before football was placed on pause.

If the Etihad club lose against the Gunners, Liverpool can win the Premier League at Goodison Park four days later - which would be an unforgettable sequence of events, especially for the supporters of each club involved.

The Reds are actually scheduled to face Guardiola's City after Palace but by that stage, the future of the Premier League crown could have been decided, with Klopp perhaps turning his attention to accumulating a record number of points.

The Anfield outfit have amassed 82 so far, with the record held by City who posted exactly 100 two years ago under Guardiola's leadership. The Manchester Club became the first to attain the status of 'Centurions'.

With 27 points left to play for, Liverpool require at least 19 points to shatter the record. If the Reds retain their average of 2.83 points per game from before, they will finish with a rough total of 107.

There are a number of other records that can also be broken in the process, including victories, home wins, earliest title win and biggest winning margin.

They require six wins to break the victories record, and they could also become the first side to win all 19 home matches - which captures how Anfield has become a fortress in recent times.

The earliest title win was by Manchester United in 2000/01, followed by City in 2017/18 with five matches to spare. Liverpool have the opportunity to win with eight matches remaining if everything goes perfectly. And finally, the biggest winning margin is again held by Guardiola's City - who won by 19 points in 2017/18.

The league leaders are set to end the campaign away to Newcastle United. Will they go down in history? Time will tell, but ensuring that the silverware is secured as soon as possible will be the only thing that matters to Klopp and his players at this moment in time.

Josh Williams (@DistanceCovered)

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