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Too late for 'lazy' Bilic

We sat down with West Ham Central to take their thoughts on Slavan Bilic...

Q. So what are your general thoughts on Bilic as a manager?

A. Tactically inept. A lazy manager. Plays players out of position, plays some personal favourites of his over players who should play. Annoying.

Q. So I gather you want him out. Who can West Ham can get to replace him though? Also is there anything Bilic can do to win the fans over?

A. Rafa Benitez or Roberto Mancini preferably and realistically I'd say. Nothing I'd say. I honestly can't see anything changing. Fair play to him if he does somehow turn us into a force though.

Q. What would you define a "force" as? Where do you feel West Ham should be competing in this league?

A. A team who doesn't concede numerous defensive mistakes, a team who can challenge the big boys in matches, not get turned over 3/4/5-0 every time. West Ham should be competitive for 7th.

Q. Currently 5 points off 5th with it still being very early in the season. Does Bilic not deserve time?

A. Nope. He's been here since the summer of 2015. That's enough time. Fair enough, the first season was amazing and we finished 7th but the end of that season, the whole of last season and the start of this season have been atrocious

Q. I see. Is it just Bilic? Or do others need to take some of the blame? Players/owners etc

A. The owners are a liability also but they can't sack themselves!

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