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Arsenal Fan TV's Moh Haider on Wenger, Arsenal Fan TV and his expectations on Arsenal's seas

Arsenal Q&A

  1. What are your expectations for the season?

FA Cup & Champions League Qualification as the minimum. At a club like Arsenal, the minimum expectation always have a to be a trophy...and a real trophy. Not the Community Shield or League Cup. They mean nothing.

2. What is the minimum requirement for it to be considered a successful season for the Gunners?

For it to be a successful season, it's got to be the league title, or alternatively Champions League qualification along with a cup double. I'd call that success, but if it's Champions League qualification with a single cup triumph, then it's a par season for Arsenal.

3. Is Wenger the right man to lead Arsenal into the 2017/18 season?

He's not the 'wrong' man to be doing it, but he's also not the ideal man. He didn't deserve a contract renewal last season, but he's got it & I hope he proves all of us wrong.

4. Do you expect the atmosphere to reach similar toxic levels as last season if results aren’t up to scratch?


5. Are you happy with the club’s business this summer? Do they need more?

Not happy at this stage, as I believe we need a world class mobile centre midfielder that can compliment Xhaka. I'd also love to sign a good centre back and perhaps let Chambers go out on loan and sell Gabriel.

6. Prediction on Arsenal’s season?

FA Cup – Winners. Obviously.

EFL Cup – Who cares? Quarter finals

Europa League – Winners.

Premier League – 4th. Obviously.

Top scorer – Lukaku or Kane.

Player of the season – Kevin De Bruyne

Breakthrough star – Gabriel Jesus

7. Top 4 and champion prediction?

Man City



Man U

8. Can we expect to see you on Arsenal Fan TV again this season? And what do you have to say those who criticise the channel?

I'll keep on appearing on ArsenalFanTV, but in my own style. I'll speak from the heart and avoid rants as much as possible, even though they make for entertaining viewing!

For those, who criticise the channel...keep it up. Nothing is perfect and it's only through criticism that things can improve. It would be unrealistic to ask for the criticism to be kept constructive though!

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