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The end of the road for Conte?

We sat down with @WorldWideChels to discuss Conte and Chelsea's season so far.....

So what have your thoughts been on the season far for Chelsea?

WWC: It has been a frustrating season for the Chelsea community, from winning the league prior to this year to now out of the UCL spots most likely let alone defending the title, I feel we are going in circles with our success and prefer short term success. One season win the title, the year after late average signings and we do badly - the manager Conte has been a victim in this situation but I feel his commitment has not been 100% due to the frustration and has shown how stubborn he is. He should be making changes a lot earlier and changing formation but this is not the case. This is not how Champions should be but it clearly indicates problems from top to bottom at Chelsea.

You mentioned Conte being the victim, do you believe he's been judged harshly this season?

WWC: I’m half on his side and half not, although the board have not backed him 100% especially with only signing players like Morata and bakayoko to replace matic and costa and also giving squad depth average signings last day in January this year, Conte should still try to do his best for the club as we want to be in consistently in the UCL, this means picking the right team, making subs early and changing tactics if needed. His passion is not there he used to celebrate goals Now he just looks lost. He should still try his best but it’s clear he wants to walk out Usually managers get sacked but Roman Abramovich does not want to sack due to the pay out of around £9m which confuses us all as Conte has come out he wants to stay next year this surely has to be mind-games because he does not look like he’s happy at all

Are the players at fault too? They've been accused to have downed tools previously, do they deserve a share of the blame?

WWC: Under Mourinho yes I’d agree but under Conte, no Looking at Barca games and United away we should have got something and we were unlucky not to but that’s football. I generally feel the players like playing for Conte but they are not the biggest fans of defending eg Hazard

He deserves to be attacking more but I’m critical of him as he’s too unselfish. He needs to shoot

Willian on form right now is showing hazard needs to do more. His reputation saves him from some Criticism like you’d see for Cahill.

With Chelsea, managers are usually the ones who are punished for poor seasons. Do you believe Chelsea should keep Conte? And if not, who would you like to see take charge?

WWC: I’d like to see Conte stay if the board sign early and players like Alex Sandro who can push us up. He also needs to be less stubborn and make earlier changes when things go wrong. He should also consider a formation change like he did against Arsenal next year If not, I’d be happy with Thomas Tuchel as he will play attacking and youth and I believe Chelsea fans will be patient with no trophies for a few years as we are most likely looking at a project we have never had because we are always a counter attacking team and it is time for a change if we bring another manager or it would be the same thing with Conte every two years. Winning the title then downfall.

What do you think Chelsea need to do this summer to avoid a repeat next season?

WWC: We need early signings from the board! That shows we are backing the manager! This is key for confidence and squad depth! It always starts from the top!

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