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Arsenal 0-2 Manchester City: Review

Well the new season for Arsenal is well and truly underway, but is it really a new look Arsenal? It was absolutely a game of highs and lows, with many points in the match that had me sitting there and thinking I was watching the Arsenal of 2017, although don't get me wrong there were a few times where we also looked very solid from back to front but all in all it wasn't our day.

From the outset it was pretty evident the press and play from the back commands from Unai Emery were in full effect and for ten or so minutes we actually came out fighting and showing City we weren't going to be toyed with this season and then, they toyed with us. It was as if we were in some kind of limbo, partially running the show and partially running away from the ball.

Petr Čech for as low as he kept the scoreline, for me, should never have been given the start for us and he evidenced that on a number of occasions, especially when he almost kicked the ball into his own net. Xhaka in stages was brilliant, protecting Ainsley Maitland-Niles, as Mkhitaryan just didn't seem upto the task but otherwise he was quite disappointing. It may be an unpopular opinion but Ramsey and Özil for me were also not great, neither of them appeared to want to be there.

Mattéo Guendouzi for me was chucked in at the deep end today and yet despite the few mistakes he made which is typical of a 19yo in a new league, he was one of our best players having recorded the most touches (72), most passes attempted (47) and most tackles won (3) and when Lacazette and Torreira joined him on the pitch, things did change for us. However, all in all we weren't good enough, but we were playing the defending Champs and we are still trying to find our feet.

Next week at Stamford Bridge will be another challenge and for me Leno, Torreria and Lacazette need to start.

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