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Conte has gone! Sarri has arrived! A new chapter arises…

Antonio Conte had officially left Chelsea a few days ago and looking back at the last two years, to say he has won 2 trophies overall is a very good achievement. Winning the Premier League in his first year with a side who came 10th prior to the season, 30 wins in the league and the max consecutive wins (13) the longest ever streak the club has ever managed. His final year was not up to standards, finishing 5th in the league but ending the season on a high with an Emirates FA Cup which to say, he had never won a cup competition before.

What went wrong?

Same situation as Jose Mourinho, the board and manager did not build on stability after a successful year, as a Conte fan – I was sad to see the board failing to hit transfer demands like Sandro. Yes, Conte had opted for average signings after, this is only because the board did not give the top targets as their discussions were not successful. However, this was the beginning of the end – Conte had shown his stubbornness, late substitutes and boring football – ‘suffer without the ball’ – damaged the club’s chances for a top 4 place for next season Champions League as we lost to teams like Watford.

The club is currently run for short term success, thank you Antonio Conte for your good memories, I do not agree with Chelsea writing only around 30-50 words and not thanking the man.


I am really excited to see Sarri manage Chelsea, a manager who has not had the chance to win trophies due to the clubs he has been at, finally has a chance to show his true tactics – yes attacking football. This is something Chelsea fans have not really experienced under the Roman era, the closest may have been Ancelotti. We have already wrapped up Jorginho and my word, that was a good steal from Manchester City. I honestly believe the manager will bring confidence in players such as Luiz who was left out and will be key for keeping top players like Hazard and Kante. It was important we sign more players this season as we need to get rid of the deadwood such as Willian, Pedro, Drinkwater and Cahill. Replace these players with the likes of Bailey, Martial, Golovin and Rugani/ bring back Zouma and we have a great chance to improve on the future of Chelsea. I do believe we will sign a lot of players and it will be a successful window like 2014 and 2016. I’ll be doing more articles as the transfers come in, I know it has been a while but we have all been busy! Sorry! I’ll try to do more when I can, thank you guys for reading!

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